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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 810
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 810: A Confession For The Whole World To Hear (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The Television Awards was going to be held at C city’s gymnasium which was quite a distance away from the hotel Ji Yi was staying at.

So after Ji Yi got her makeup done, by the time she changed into her gown and finished getting styled, it was almost time to leave.

The company booked the hotel. By coincidence, it was the same hotel He Jichen stayed at last year when he attended the television awards in C city.

As she stepped out of the room, Zhuang Yi suggested Ji Yi take a full body shot and post it on Weibo for publicity before tonight’s awards.

Ji Yi listened to Zhuang Yi’s suggestion without any objections. She raised the hem of her dress and took a few steps forward. After Zhuang Yi cried “good,” she came to a stop.

She fixed her dress a little, lifted her head, and broke into a perfect smile towards Zhuang Yi’s raised phone.

After she finished taking the photos, Ji Yi was just about to walk over to Zhuang Yi and check the photo when her gaze caught the room number: “3618.”

Ji Yi instinctively stopped walking and looked over at the tightly-shut door of room 3618.

This was the room He Jichen stayed in last year.

The Television Awards last year happened to land on her birthday. The birthday present he gave her wasn’t just the devastating blow to Qian Ge but also a tree of lipstick in this very room.

It was in this room when she realized she had fallen deeply and silently in love with him a long time ago.

Zhuang Yi saw that Ji Yi wasn’t coming over to her, so she hurriedly came over herself.

“Xiao Yi, wait a minute. I’ll just adjust the lighting…”

Zhuang Yi stopped by Ji Yi’s side and kept her head lowered, editing the photo on her phone.

Ji Yi ignored Zhuang Yi and stared unwaveringly at the door to room 3618. After a while, she murmured, “It’s been two years now. There should be an end to it now…”

“What’s ‘been two years’? What should have an end to it now?” asked Zhuang Yi in confusion. Seeing as Ji Yi didn’t reply, Zhuang Yi lifted her head in bewilderment and looked over at Ji Yi.

Zhuang Yi’s gaze hadn’t fallen on Ji Yi’s face yet when Ji Yi withdrew her gaze from the room door after hearing Zhuang Yi’s voice. As though nothing had happened, Ji Yi tilted her head and looked over at the phone in Zhuang Yi’s hand. “How’s the photo?”

Zhuang Yi quickly handed Ji Yi the phone.

Ji Yi glanced at it for two seconds. “Pretty good. Send it to me and I’ll post it on Weibo.”

“Wait, lemme do a final check…”

Ji Yi didn’t say anything but walked over to the elevator with Zhuang Yi.

Tang Huahua headed downstairs and started the car up in advance. She was waiting at the hotel lobby entrance.

Ji Yi and Zhuang Yi got in the car together. After Tang Huahua left the hotel, Zhuang Yi said, “Xiao Yi, I’m sending you the photo.”

As Zhuang Yi’s voice fell, an alert popped up on Ji Yi’s WeChat. She saved the photo into her photo album then opened WeChat.

After Ji Yi uploaded the photo on Weibo, she edited the caption. At first, she wanted to write what most artists wrote about the Television Awards. However, after she wrote two words, she deleted one letter after the other. Then, she posted a restyled caption: “I don’t want radiant glory, I just want a lover who won’t leave.”

After the Weibo post was successfully posted, Ji Yi put her phone away.

She first leaned back into her chair then shut her eyes for a short while.

As the car swayed and drove some distance away, she slowly lifted her eyelids. Through the blackened glass windows, she stared out the window.

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