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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 811
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 811: A Confession For The Whole World To Hear (11)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Night was approaching as the lights glistened.

Ji Yi suddenly remembered what she softly mumbled in the hallway. “It’s been two years. There should be an end to it now…”

Yeah… it’s been two years since I found out I loved him. Our story really should have an ending.

I hope that after tonight, our ending will be what I hoped.

Ji Yi wasn’t considerably early or late when she reached the Television Awards.

Quite a few media outlets recognized Ji Yi’s car when Tang Huahua drove to the entrance of the red carpet. Many reporters carrying cameras and microphones rushed over.

The car door opened and Zhuang Yi got out of the car first. Even with security blocking them, quite a few microphones reached Zhuang Yi.

After Ji Yi got out of the car, many reporters started to ask questions.

“Miss Ji Yi, do you have any jobs lined up?”

“Miss Ji Yi, we hear you’ll be starring in Director Zhang’s new movie. Is that true?”

“Miss Ji Yi…”

Ji Yi presented her best smile as she avoided those questions. Under Zhuang Yi and Tang Huahua’s protection, she walked down the red carpet.

Both sides of the red carpet were filled with reporters. Ji Yi stopped to give reporters time to take photos after every ten steps.

The red carpet wasn’t long, but it took ten whole minutes to walk to the end.

By the signing area, Ji Yi signed autographs and greeted the outdoors presenter. Then she lifted the hem of her dress and walked over to the gymnasium.

Inside, the seats were full. Every audience member sitting in the back was less famous. After seeing Ji Yi entering, they brought up their phones one after the other to take photos. Some even came over to take photos with her and get autographs.

Ji Yi held her elegant and generous composure to satisfy everyone’s requests then walked off.

After passing the third row, Ji Yi and Qian Ge saw each other at the same time.

The moment their eyes met, infinite glints of cold steel flashed out of nowhere.

Sitting beside Qian Ge was Xie Siyao, her accomplice in the car accident back then. When Ji Yi brushed across Qian Ge, she caught a glimpse of her and Xie Siyao’s hands tightly held together, and a cold glow arose from her eyes.

It wasn’t long ago when Ji Yi and Qian Ge used to be like that too – holding hands wherever they went, including when they went to the bathroom between classes. If one of them wanted to go and the other didn’t, they would still go together.

Now, Qian Ge was doing what they used to do with other people, and that other person was the one who targeted her and argued many times with countless people to defend her.

There were people from the industry everywhere, so Ji Yi wasn’t going to do anything stupid like getting into an argument with Qian Ge.

Even if she pissed her off, all she could do was pretend nothing happened and walk up the steps to the second row. She found her seat and sat down.

It was really loud. Everyone was chatting with people they knew, but there were also others who wanted an opportunity to work with her, trying their best to get closer to her.

Ji Yi was surrounded by everyone she worked with. By the time she finished greeting them, the male and female presenter was already up on stage.

Without waiting for the presenters to speak up, everyone quieted down.

The presenters were extremely skilled as they were able to make the entire audience laugh numerous times in three short minutes of talking back and forth from the moment they greeted everyone.

The two presenters didn’t chat for too long. At the most suitable time, they entered the awards section of the show.

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