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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 814
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 814: A Confession For The World To Hear (14)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“I’m not young anymore, and neither are you. After going around in circles, we’ve known each other for twelve years.”

“I don’t want to look around anymore. I just want to give you the rest of my life, let you hold my hand and walk together.

“So, what do you say…”

As she said this, determination rose in her eyes. She didn’t hesitate in the slightest and she didn’t give herself any way of backing down as she said these words while stopping after every character: “…He Jichen?”

He Jichen…

Everyone present at the ceremony worked in showbiz; there wasn’t a single person who didn’t know that name.

The moment Ji Yi’s voice dropped, the atmosphere evidently froze a little.

Ji Yi ignored everything and continued by saying, “He Jichen, you said you wished me all the best, but do you know? Only you can give me the best.”

“He Jichen…”

Ji Yi ‘s two consecutive mentions of He Jichen’s name made the people beneath the stage gradually come back to their senses.

It really was He Jichen… Ji Yi confessed for the whole world to hear. It really was He Jichen… That person who many people used to look up to as a young and talented director. That person who blew up on Weibo for being a murderer.

Some people’s expressions started to gradually turn strange. Some turned their heads and started whispering to others. Other people sitting around Qian Ge turned to look at her.

The sound of the audience in discussion grew louder.

Even standing on the stage, Ji Yi could sense everyone’s gazes turn to her with odd looks. However, she raised the microphone to her lips and cried He Jichen’s name again like she hadn’t sensed a thing. “He Jichen, I don’t want to get divorced. I want to be with you through all my successes and losses.”

That was the best idea she could think of.

If she stayed in her luxurious world for one more day, He Jichen would never come back to her side.

In the past, when she and Qian Ge were still good friends and when everything was going smoothly for her career in showbiz, Fatty told her He Jichen came to Beijing every month to see her. However, she never saw him once until Qian Ge set her up for that car accident which left her with nothing. That was when he finally appeared by her side…

If she was destined to have to choose between a life of luxury and He Jichen, she was willing to give up the dream she chased her entire life. She was also willing to personally push herself down from her peak back to the very bottom.

What is love?

Love is being willing to give up everything for you and me, willing to do everything I can for you.

With that thought, Ji Yi became a lot more resolute. The nervousness lingering in her body completely disappeared without a trace.

With the microphone in hand, she stared straight ahead and said with a rare assuredness in her voice: “He Jichen, I don’t want wonderful glory; I just want a lover who won’t leave.”

“If you are willing, will you come up on stage to be with me?”

After Ji Yi said this, the rowdy audience quieted down for some reason.

Everyone’s heads turned left and right.

Ji Yi looked down at the heads of dark hair and cried again, “He Jichen.”

A minute passed yet still, no one stood up and walked up to the stage.

“He Jichen,” cried Ji Yi without the slightest hint of giving up.

Another minute passed.

“He Jichen,” Ji Yi cried for the third time.

This time, Ji Yi didn’t wait too long, maybe about ten seconds, before she moved her lips. However, before she could say the words “He Jichen” again, she saw a familiar silhouette standing up in the fifth row.

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