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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 823
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 823: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (3)

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Never in a million years did Qian Ge actually think Ji Yi would sacrifice so much for He Jichen!

Even in her dreams, she hoped to see Ji Yi fall, despised by others. Now that the image in her dreams had come true, not only was she not as happy as she imagined she would be, but she felt worse off. So as it turned out, Qian Ge actually couldn’t stand Ji Yi and He Jichen being together.

Qian Ge just couldn’t handle the very thought of Ji Yi and He Jichen hugging on stage, so she grabbed something she could throw and violently smashed it to the floor.

She smashed things until the entire hotel room was a mess and there was nothing else for her to throw. Only then did Qian Ge slump weakly to the floor.

No… I can’t let them be together… He Jichen is the person I like. If I can’t have him, then everyone else can quit dreaming about having him!

Yeah! Quit dreaming about having him! So I have to think of a plan… yeah, a plan…

Qian Ge muttered to herself non-stop as she furrowed her brows, deep in thought.

A couple seconds later, a glint suddenly surfaced in her eyes.

She remembered how she and Ji Yi went to a small town by Sucheng in the summer of their third year of high school and walked into a very unique bookshop. The most memorable thing in the book shop was the wall full of letters.

Those letters were written by visitors of that book shop. They weren’t written for anyone but their future selves.

You could leave your address with the shop and pay them a sending fee and postal fee. After the number of years written in the letter, the shop could mail the letter to you.

That day, she and Ji Yi wrote a letter to their future selves.

She was the first to finish writing. After her pen dropped, Ji Yi was still happily writing in front of her, so she incidentally glanced over at her letter and saw several lines with the words “Yuguang Ge.”

At the time, she and Ji Yi were still on good terms; a rift hadn’t yet happened in their relationship. They used to do everything in the same way. Since Ji Yi’s letter was written to her future self ten years from then, so was Qian Ge’s.

Come to think of it, it’d been almost over seven years since then, more than two years shy of ten years. If that bookshop hadn’t shut down by now, that letter should still be there.

He Jichen knew Ji Yi liked He Yuguang. Back then, on the night before graduation, Ji Yi cried his name during their one-night stand.

The more you deeply loved someone, the more you couldn’t withstand anything else. When he didn’t have Ji Yi, He Jichen might not have minded, but now that he had her, he would want even more. That was human nature. If she brought out that letter and gave it to He Jichen…

A rift had to happen between him and Ji Yi.

With that thought, the corners of Qian Ge’s lips curved slightly, revealing a cold smile.

With practically no hesitation, she bolted up and found her phone in the messy room then called her assistant in the next room.

The call quickly went through. Then, without waiting for her assistant to speak, Qian Ge blurted out, “Book me a ticket on the next flight to Sucheng.”

“Now?” Since Qian Ge’s request came so suddenly, the assistant was a little unsure.

“Yeah, now,” said Qian Ge impatiently, thinking that the assistant was dawdling.

“But Qian Jie! It’s really late, and you have to rush to Beijing tomorrow for an interview at a station…”

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