Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 827
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 827
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 827: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Yeah!” Ji Yi exclaimed without a moment’s hesitation.

After her answer, she felt like she wasn’t clear enough, so she replied in a high-pitched voice: “Yeah. I want to be with you forever.”

He Jichen thought she would wait a while to reply after he asked his question. Who knew that she would answer so suddenly? She answered so quickly that he was stunned for a second before he came to his senses. Then the rims of his eyes began to feel sore.

Ji Yi isn’t the only one who thinks she’s dreaming; even I feel like it’s all a dream…

After Ji Yi’s unhesitating answer, she looked over at him but he still hadn’t said anything. She furrowed her brows then moved her lips and cried out, “He Jichen?”

He still didn’t reply as he stared right at her.

Only a pale-yellow night light was on. With his head hung low, he was completely hidden in the darkness. She wasn’t sure if she was seeing things, but she thought she saw something akin to the glistening of water beneath his eyes.

Ji Yi’s brows furrowed like crazy as she tenderly and softly said, “He Jichen?”

Right after she said his name, he lowered his head and kissed her lips.

His kiss was really forceful and he hurt her a little when he bit her lips. Her eyebrows tensed up; she wanted to scream in pain when she tasted something salty in her mouth.

Her cries of pain lingered in her mouth as she let him forcefully kiss her for a while. She finally realized that the salty taste earlier was from his tears.

So I wasn’t seeing things earlier. That glint of water beneath his eyes was real…

It felt like her heart had been clutched by something as an unspeakable pain bubbled up inside. Even her throat hurt so much that she choked up a little.

The next second, she reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck. Just like him, she kissed him back with all her might.

As he straightened up and entered her world, the room gradually heated up…

This time, they were even more engrossed than any other time they did it in the past two days.

When they were about to finish, He Jichen suddenly stopped and opened his eyes then looked over at her seriously.

When the grunting came to a stop, Ji Yi furrowed her brows for a moment then opened her eyes. She watched him staring at her then she started to look back at him seriously.

They filled each other’s eyes, clearly staring at the deep love they had for one another.

It was the most beautiful, most soul-stealing look they’d had.

He Jichen was the first to speak and he sounded unusually serious. “So it’s agreed. Forever.”

“Mhm, it’s agreed. Forever,” replied Ji Yi softly, clearly, and sincerely like she was making a promise.

He Jichen didn’t say anything; Ji Yi was given a reply of a forceful thrust in the depths of her body.

Yeah. It’s agreed. Forever is forever.

Not only in my lifetime or your lifetime but both our lifetimes.

The next morning, Ji Yi was woken up by He Jichen’s kiss.

Their bodies both reacted, but just as the teasing hinted at something more, he stopped. “Alright. Let’s get up.”

It seemed like he had it all planned as Ji Yi’s phone alarm started to ring just when his voice dropped.

Their sensual night together hurt their waists and backs as both their legs started to tremble.

Ji Yi turned off her alarm and climbed out of bed. Just when her feet touched the floor, her legs trembled and almost made her fall to the ground.

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