Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 83
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 83
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 83: How Have You Been? Let’s Not Lie (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Yes, Chen Ge.” Fatty pounded down the rest of the stairs, and when he reached the main floor, he bolted over to Sun Zhang.

In the past, He Jichen and Sun Zhang fought to be the Laoda of Sucheng, so they often had run-ins with each other, but Sun Zhang was defeated every time. Sun Zhang knew Fatty was He Jichen’s “handy assistant”, so when he saw Fatty coming, his body instinctively shivered. He tried to bolt so fast that he didn’t even pick up his change from the assistant at the front desk.

Though Fatty was fat, he had quick reflexes. Sun Zhang took a step back, but Fatty already had his arms around his shoulders and smiled like they were brothers. Fatty pointed upstairs. In a half menacing way, like he was going to abduct him, Fatty pressured Sun Zhang to walk up the stairs.

As he caught sight of that image, He Jichen didn’t linger any longer and turned around to walk back up the stairs.

When he reached the second floor, He Jichen didn’t bother with the yelling from the groups of enthusiastic people playing games. He pulled out a chair and sat facing the corridor by the stairway.

Seconds later, Fatty and Sun Zhang came into his view.

After taking two steps towards He Jichen, Fatty presented Sun Zhang like he was presenting a treasure. “Chen Ge, the person you wanted.”

He Jichen ignored Fatty and stared straight at Sun Zhang.

Sun Zhang felt his insides squirming under He Jichen’ gaze. He didn’t dare meet He Jichen’s eyes as he spoke carefully, trying to kiss up to him as he said respectfully, “Chen Ge.”

He Jichen didn’t say a word. He reached his hand out towards Sun Zhang like he wanted to shake his hand.

He had never been this polite with Sun Zhang. Sun Zhang stared at He Jichen’s hand, a little stunned at his friendliness. He snuck a glance at He Jichen to confirm that he wasn’t hiding any rage, then he slowly reached both hands out to He Jichen.

He Jichen clutched the part of Sun Zhang’s hand where he touched Ji Yi’s shoulder.

Seeing as everything was fine, Sun Zhang relaxed and asked, “Chen Ge, why were you looking for…” before the word “me” could slip out, Sun Zhang let out a blood-curdling screech.

He Jichen now clutched Sun Zhang’s hand tightly, spraining his wrist. Everyone downstairs heard his anguished howl as he tried to run.

Fatty promptly took a step downstairs to block Sun Zhang’s escape route and giggled as he pointed behind him. “Zhang, you’re going in the wrong direction. Our Chen Ge is over there.”

With that, Fatty shoved Sun Zhang back in front of He Jichen.

Without a second thought, He Jichen raised his foot and kicked Sun Zhang’s stomach.

When Sun Zhang fell to the ground in the pain, He Jichen was like a spring as he jumped up from the chair and onto Sun Zhang. He showered Sun Zhang with punches and kicks.

After his anger had been released, He Jichen clapped his hands and got up. Then he took a step back.

He straightened his clothes and glanced down while towering over the panting Sun Zhang. He furrowed his brows and was overcome by an impulse to beat him again. He kicked him with the tip of his foot. “Get out!”

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