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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 831
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 831: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (11)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

With that thought, He Jichen hung his head and opened the package he had been holding for so long.

He pulled out the contents and continued to fantasize about what the whole apartment would look like after Zhang Sao brought back the things from her shopping trip.

The moment he thought about how this room wouldn’t just have his things but also her things and their things, He Jichen’s heart became unusually soft. A warm light crept into his eyes and brows.

There was a letter in the package.

The envelope and its design looked many years old…

He Jichen furrowed his brows without revealing a trace of emotion and secretly commented on how the letter looked really old while opening the letter.

There was a pink letter inside the envelope. When He Jichen pulled it out, his fingers slipped, causing it to accidentally fall to the floor.

The paper was a little similar to ones used for love letters. Could this be a love letter someone wrote many years ago now sent to his apartment?

Amidst his speculations, He Jichen bent down, picked up the letter, and opened it.

A page filled with graceful, neat handwriting fell into his eyes.

Even though many years passed, He Jichen could still easily recognize that it was Ji Yi’s handwriting from high school.

So Ji Yi wrote this letter?

But why was it sent to me? Could it be that she wrote this letter to me many years ago?

With that thought, He Jichen started to read the words in the letter.

“Hope you are well.”

“Let me first give you a self-introduction. I’m Ji Yi from ten years ago and I’m in my third year of senior high in Sucheng. There are ten months before the finals and I’m not quite stressed yet.”

“Ten years – a length of time that’s not considerably long nor short. I believe that within these ten years, you and I must’ve changed significantly.”

“The Me from ten years ago has two dreams; one is to act in a really good TV drama for everyone to watch, and the other is…”

There was an ellipsis after that line, followed by a name: “…Yuguang Ge.”

“I wonder what your dreams will be in ten years’ time and if you really do perform in a good drama for everybody. However, I bet ten years from now, at least one of your dreams won’t change and that is: Yuguang Ge.”

“Let me secretly tell you – I started to secretly fall for Yuguang Ge last year. I really, really like him and I dream of becoming his girlfriend.”

“I want to confess to Yuguang Ge, but I don’t dare to. I’m afraid Yuguang Ge doesn’t like me. But I bet that Yuguang Ge definitely doesn’t hate me because he calls me Manman. It’s Yuguang Ge’s special nickname for me. Our names put together make a very, very beautiful saying: I only see you.”

“After the becoming-of-age-ceremony and after finals are over, I plan to confess to Yuguang Ge. If Yuguang Ge doesn’t agree to be with me, I’ll start to chase him. I’m so cute, I bet he’ll definitely be moved by me. Who knows? You, from ten years in the future, might have another name besides Ji Yi – He Yuguang’s wife.”

“Oh! No! Maybe in ten years’ time, not only will you be married to Yuguang Ge, but who’s to say you won’t have kids together? If so, you’ll have another identity as a ‘Mummy’.”

“I’m guessing that you, ten years in the future, will definitely be happy together with Yuguang Ge, right? Even though Yuguang Ge is really attentive, I still have to remind you that Yuguang Ge’s health is poor and you have to take good care of him.”

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