Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 836
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 836
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 836: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (16)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Han Zhifan stared at Cheng Weiwan like this and for some reason, he felt even worst off. He always had a good temper, but at that very moment, he couldn’t contain the fire in his heart. It was so bad to the point that when he spoke, his voice sounded quite vile: “Between the child and Lin Muqing, you can only choose one. Since you want the child so much, I’ll choose for you and let Lin Muqing rot in jail!”

As Han Zhifan said this, he pulled out a phone from his pocket and called a person called “Officer Wang” right in front of her.

The phone rang *doot-doot-doot* several times before a middle-aged man picked up. “Mr. Han, why are you calling so late in the evening?”

“It’s like this – about the economic dispute case for Muqing Publishing…”

Cheng Weiwan saw that Han Zhifan really was talking about Lin Muqing’s case and all of a sudden, she reached out to snatch Han Zhifan’s phone in a panic.

Han Zhifan was taller than her by a lot and his reflexes were faster than hers, so he raised his phone the second she reached out for it. “…I hope you can handle it quickly and make the fastest decisi-”

“I promise you.” Cheng Weiwan didn’t wait for Han Zhifan to finish speaking and blurted that out.

Han Zhifan stopped. He didn’t hang up the phone, and he turned over to Cheng Weiwan.

Cheng Weiwan didn’t have the same urge from earlier to steal his phone, and she didn’t seem as weak as before when she begged him. Now, she was unusually quiet.

She opened her eyes wide and stared at him with the least bit of energy in them. “I promise to give you Hanhan if you let Muqing go,” she continued to say quietly.

As those words escaped her mouth, a layer of mist clouded her eyes.

Han Zhifan thought she would cry, but he never imagined she would suppress the mist in her eyes, little by little.

He achieved his goal, but he felt worse than he ever felt.

He hung up the call in annoyance. “Send the child to my house tomorrow night. Once I see my son, I’ll immediately let Lin Muqing go.”

She didn’t reply. Compared to her pale white complexion from earlier, she was now near translucent.

Her silence made his mood even more violent. He lit up another cigarette and took another drag to settle the frustration in his chest with much difficulty. In the end, he caught a glimpse of Cheng Weiwan still standing in a daze from the corners of his eyes. All of a sudden, he ferociously roared, “The conversation’s over! What are doing still standing there?”

Her eyes turned slowly at his roar. After a while, she looked him right in the eyes before she regained focus.

She stared at him in a daze for a moment as though she didn’t recognize him. She turned around and raised her feet.

She walked away very, very slowly. After taking two steps, she stopped then she stood there for a moment like an idiot before raising her feet again.

She didn’t pay attention to the fake rock garden obstructing the path ahead and continued to walk with no signs of stopping. Han Zhifan initially didn’t care if she was going to hit it, but suddenly, his body leaped over to her and grabbed her wrist.

He saw that his movements significantly cleared her vision and he knew that her mind was a lot clearer. Then he quickly let go of her hand.

He didn’t know what she was hiding. Before he left, he didn’t forget to leave her with the words: “When you drop off my son tomorrow, don’t bring anything else because he won’t have anything to do with you ever again!”

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