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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 839
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 839: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (19)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi returned the keys long ago when she got divorced from Yuguang Ge, impersonated by He Jichen. Luckily, there was a passcode on the door which Ji Yi remembered, so she could go in.

Nobody had stayed in the house for over two years, so there was a strong odor, and even with the doors and windows closed shut, there was a thick layer of dust covering the whole place. A clear footprint appeared after every step Ji Yi took.

The furnishings of the room were no different from before. It looked like after she stopped living here, He Jichen hadn’t come over.

Ji Yi walked around the room once.

At each spot, she recalled past events.

In the kitchen, “Yuguang Ge” cooking. The apron he wore back then was hung on the wall…

In the dining room, “Yuguang Ge” and she were eating together…

On the sofa, “Yuguang Ge” looked at some documents while she brought out some fruit and was sprawled out, watching television…

On the balcony, “Yuguang Ge” crouched down to cheer her up when she was hiding because He Jichen upset her over what happened with Lin Zhengyi.

In the master room, “Yuguang Ge” stayed up all night, taking care of her when she had a fever…

She went down memory lane as she thought about these scenes of them she had an immeasurable love for. In actuality, He Jichen was in all those memories with her. A gentle smile couldn’t help but raise Ji Yi’s brows.

Ji Yi opened the study door last.

Because the study was on the darker side and didn’t get regular sunlight, the smell in there was pretty strong. Ji Yi instantly started coughing when she opened the door.

She covered her nose and stood outside the door for a while. Once the odor from the room dissipated a little, she stepped inside again.

The books on the shelf were still there.

The laptop on the desk was gone. Aside from a few scattered folders, there was nothing else on the table.

She remembered that when He Jichen worked here, she would bring him a cup of coffee…

At the time, he tried to act as Yuguang Ge as much as possible, so he would use his phone to chat with her.

With that thought, Ji Yi curved her lips into a wide smile.

Her fingers gently brushed across the shelf and finally stopped at a half-opened drawer.

Through the crack, she saw that something was inside.

Practically without thinking it through, she pulled open the drawer.

It was a thick and bulging letter; she didn’t know what it held.

Ji Yi curiously picked up the envelope.

The envelope wasn’t sealed, so she could easily pull out its contents.

It was a pile of photos.

She was overly familiar with the person in the photos because it was her.

When she flipped to one she thought looked rather familiar, she suddenly stopped.

She stared at the photo for a while before she remembered she saw this photo in this very study before… With that thought, Ji Yi turned over the photo. So there was a line written on the back: “I wish you would be lost forever and come to my side.”

But that word “forever”… She was certain He Yuguang wrote it.

So these photos belonged to He Yuguang?

Ji Yi made a guess then flipped through all the photos. Behind each photo was a sentence.

“Liking you… even if I know there’s no hope, I can’t help but fall for you.”

“If you asked me how much I love you, I wouldn’t be able to say. But in my heart, I know that if you got together with someone else, I wouldn’t be willing to love another.”

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