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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 850
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 850: You Are Yuguang. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (30)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“What’s this?” The words Ji Yi was just about to say disappeared from her mouth. She didn’t wait for He Jichen’s reply and pulled out the paper from his pocket.

Under the dim garden lights, Ji Yi could make out that it was a letter.

The paper was pink and it looked a little like stationery used to write love letters on.

Someone couldn’t have secretly written a love letter to He Jichen, right?

Without a moment’s hesitation, Ji Yi quickly opened the letter.

The lights in the garden were rather dim, so Ji Yi couldn’t clearly make out the words. All she could do was pull out her phone from her pocket, shine the light over the letter and try to read it again.

The first line which came into view made Ji Yi’s brows lock tightly together.

“Dear Ji Yi from ten years in the future, hope you are well.”

Wasn’t this the letter I just mentioned writing when I went to the neighboring town? Why does he have it?

As that question crossed Ji Yi’s mind, she raised her head and looked over at He Jichen. “How did this letter end up with you?”

He Jichen was still lost in the ecstasy of hearing Ji Yi’s words: Yeah. When I was young, you were the one I should’ve liked, but I mistook Yuguang Ge for you.” He didn’t even realize Ji Yi discovered the letter or catch what she said.

“This letter shouldn’t have been sent out now. There’s still at least two more years…” As Ji Yi said this, her brows locked even more tightly together. “…That’s not right. Even if they were going to send it to me, they should’ve sent it to my house. Why’s it with you…?”

With that, Ji Yi looked as though she realized something and suddenly came to a stop.

Only she and Qian Ge knew they wrote those letters in that town, so it was impossible for He Jichen to have found out himself.

So for the letter to reach He Jichen’s hands, someone evidently meddled with the letter. There was only one person who could’ve been behind it. The only person who knew about the existence of the letter was Qian Ge… Qian Ge had liked He Jichen since they were young. Did she deliberately meddle because she was bitter when she saw me and He Jichen together?

Before Zhang Sao left, she told her that Mr. He was in a great mood when she first arrived. Later, he received an unknown package then his mood became worse. He didn’t even touch his lunch before stepping out and he didn’t return until dark…

As her thoughts wandered up to this very point, Ji Yi instantly understood what happened.

It was no wonder when she called Chen Bai and all those people they hadn’t seen him. She was confused because she didn’t piss him off nor did those other people, so what was the problem? She assumed he might’ve been bullied and gotten into an argument with a stranger for nothing…

After everything, it was all about her!

“He Jichen, didn’t I just say I wrote this letter in senior high? That was then, this is now…” said Ji Yi with no hesitation, understanding why He Jichen was unhappy.

As Ji Yi said this, she took two steps towards He Jichen. She reached her fingers out and pinched his sleeve. She gently swayed and batted her eyelids at He Jichen. “…How about we go back to the town again together and write a letter for Ji Yi twenty, thirty, and forty years in the future? I promise every word will be about you…”

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