Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 861
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 861
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 861: He Jichen, Let’s Have a Baby (11)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Deep down, Ji Yi’s heart fell. Then she abruptly stopped reaching into her pocket.

Before she left the house, she deliberately put on a face mask. How did someone recognize me?

She didn’t turn her head and hoped the person who called her name would drop it and walk away.

Who knew that the person who called her not only wouldn’t leave but decided to edge in closer? “It really is you! Ji Yi!”

The voice sounded familiar. It didn’t seem like a fan… Ji Yi felt a little uneasy inside as she turned and looked over to the source of the sound.

The person calling her looked a little familiar. Ji Yi recognized her as a B-film classmate who stayed in the same dorm as her. They occasionally crossed paths. It was just that after graduation, she wasn’t sure what her name was. To avoid embarrassment, Ji Yi didn’t say hello.

When the person who called her name met her gaze, she added, “I saw your back from far away and thought it might be you. Coming in closer, you looked even more familiar. What a coincidence for us to bump into each other here.”

After the person who called her finished speaking, she added, “I’m Ruan Jie. It’s been almost two years since we’ve seen each other. Do you still remember me?”

“Yeah…” Ji Yi replied with a little guilt. Afraid Ruan Jie would see through her lie, she quickly continued by changing the subject. “…so you’re here shopping?”

“Yeah, I got married and my husband’s house is nearby. We’ve finished eating all the food at home, so we’re just stocking up. After Ruan Jie answered, she then asked, “How about you? Don’t tell me you live nearby too?”

Ji Yi vaguely remembered how Ruan Jie was quite talkative in school. She never imagined Ruan Jie was just the same as before. Unlike the talkative Ruan Jie, Ji Yi merely nodded softly.

“Then we really must’ve been fated to meet…” Ruan Jie smiled as though she was really happy then she blurted out, “Huh?” She pulled her smile back and asked curiously, “…I remember your apartment wasn’t around here before. Did you buy a new apartment here?”

Ji Yi shook her head. “No.”

“Are you staying at a friend’s place?” Ruan Jie was obviously being nosy. “It can’t be your boyfriend’s place, right?”

As she said this, Ruan Jie then thought back to the raging news about her online and suddenly, her eyes shot wide open. “Ji Yi, are you really dating that murderer?”

Murderer… Ji Yi lowered her eyes to hide the flash of annoyance in them. Her voice sounded slightly cold when she spoke. “Excuse me, his name is He Jichen.”

Ruan Jie was clearly an airhead as she didn’t notice anything weird about Ji Yi. “Of course I know his name. After all, he was a well-known person at our school. It’s just a shame that he stabbed someone. I can’t accept his views. His behavior was too destructive…”

Ji Yi wasn’t interested in continuing the conversation with Ruan Jie and found an appropriate time to cut her off. “Excuse me, I have to go take a look over there. Let’s talk later…”

“What a coincidence, I have to go over there too. Let’s go together…” As she said this, she clung onto Ji Yi’s arm and turned around to where Ji Yi pointed, cutting her off. “…And Xiao Yi, you’re young and pretty. You can find any guy you want. Why did you have to go and be with that kind of man? Think about the people online cursing you. For him, is this all worth ending up like this?”

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