Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 863
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 863
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 863: He Jichen, Let’s Have a Baby (13)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Through the cigarette smoke, his ears suddenly rang with what that unknown woman said to Ji Yi in the supermarket…

— Xiao Yi, you’re young and pretty. You can find any guy you want. Why did you have to go and be with a man like that?

— Think about the people online cursing you. For him, is this all worth ending up like this?

— Even if he doesn’t hit you, he has a criminal record, so what will people think of you? You have no idea… Because of him, several of us didn’t invite you to our last alumni meet up…

With that thought, He Jichen suddenly raised his hand and took a harsh drag of his cigarette.

Because he inhaled too harshly, he choked on the cigarette smoke, making him cough violently.

After a while, He Jichen slowly came to his senses and stopped coughing. He raised his head and caught a glimpse of the cigarette between his fingers in the car window.

He stared at the flickering cigarette butt for a while before shutting his eyes.

I’ve always treated her well, but in the end, I’m dragging her down.

He knew she was completely willing to endure all this, but because of this, he felt terrible, especially thinking about what happened at the supermarket. There was panic in her eyes the moment she saw him, which left him instantly both warm and hurt deep down with a bittersweet feeling.

The cigarette burned till the end. He Jichen felt a heavy burden on his chest which didn’t leave, yet he didn’t dare to linger on the feeling in fear of her finding out.

He put out the cigarette and turned the car engine off. He Jichen got out of the car and stood in the underground car park for a while. After the cigarette smell dissipated from his clothes, he made his way into the elevator.

When he reached his floor, He Jichen was just about to step out of the elevator when his front door opened. Ji Yi had her phone raised as she came rushing out in a hurry. When she saw him, she immediately came to a stop. “It was no wonder I couldn’t get through to you. You were in the elevator…”

He Jichen walked a few steps up to Ji Yi then asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Didn’t I promise to play a guest role for the new movie on ‘Jiuchong Palace’?”

He Jichen knew that wasn’t the main point, so he softly and tenderly let out an “Mhm” then walked into the apartment with Ji Yi in hand.

“They’re starting production tomorrow, so there’s a dinner party at Lotus Park. Zhuang Yi told me about it two days ago, but I forgot. Zhuang Yi sent me a message to ask if I was out the door yet. That was when I suddenly remembered we can’t eat at home tonight…”

We? He Jichen suddenly stopped removing his shoes.

“He Jichen, I have to take a shower and get changed. Watch the time or we’ll be really late. That’s so embarrassing.” After Ji Yi said this, she headed upstairs into the bathroom.

Ji Yi took a quick shower, did her makeup, and got changed. When she headed downstairs, she saw that He Jichen was still wearing the same clothes from that afternoon when they went grocery shopping. The center of her brows started to crease as she said, “How have you not gotten changed yet? We really won’t make it…”

He Jichen reached out and took Ji Yi’s bag. He walked to the door with her then he nonchalantly replied, “I’ll take you there, but I’m not going to the dinner. The past few days, Han Zhifan and I have had business to discuss. Seeing as you have a dinner tonight, I’ll go meet up with him instead.”

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