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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 871
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 871: He Jichen, Let’s Have a Baby (21)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Completely bewildered by this scene, Ji Yi instinctively looked over to He Jichen.

When she met his gaze, He Jichen gave her a warm nod.

Only then did Ji Yi take a few steps forward and sit on the chair.

Just as she sat down, the two women walked over and kneeled on the rug. Then one of the women helped take off Ji Yi’s shoes while the other woman opened the shoe box.

After the woman who opened the shoe box pulled out a pair of high heels, the other woman who helped Ji Yi remove her shoes took the heels and put them on Ji Yi. While she did so, the woman started to explain the brand of the heels, information on the designer, and highlights of the design.

After she tried on all the shoes, the man standing to the side asked, “Miss Ji, may I ask which one of these shoes you like?”

In complete shock regarding everything that was happening, Ji Yi’s reaction was rather sluggish. After the gentleman finished asking his question, Ji Yi needed about half a minute to remember it was her time to say something. However, just as she about to move her lips, He Jichen, who was standing to one side, flatly said, “Put these shoes in the trunk of my car.”

“Yes, Mr. He,” politely replied the gentleman. Then he waved his hand at the two women beside him.

When the two women started to put the shoes into He Jichen’s trunk, the gentleman cried, “Mr. He, according to your orders, I brought the latest handbags from every major luxury brand for you. Shall I take them out now and let Miss Ji choose?”

“There’s no need. Just put them right into the trunk.”

“Yes, Mr. He,” replied the gentleman in a second. Thereafter, he told the two women, who were busy moving the shoe boxes into the trunk, “Take the bags in the car and move them into the Mr. He’s trunk also.”

“Got it.” After the two women said this, the gentleman turned to He Jichen. “And the accessories? Would you like…”

This time, the gentleman didn’t manage to finish his question when He Jichen flatly said, “Same. Put them all in the car.”

After Ji Yi heard this, she finally understood why He Jichen got so many bags, shoes, and accessories.

When she saw Han Zhifan and realized He Jichen was lying, she casually complained about Xie Siyao over the phone to him. She told him she kept on showing off how her boyfriend bought her a new bag yesterday, a bracelet the day before, and a pair of shoes the day before that…

At the dining table, Xie Siyao repeatedly emphasized this, so the table full of people along with herself remembered it clearly.

In that very moment, He Jichen bought her a whole car’s worth of the three things Xie Siyao mentioned.

So He Jichen didn’t say anything for so long because he wanted to hit Xie Siyao with actions and not words?

But a hit was a hit. He didn’t need to exaggerate by bringing a whole shopping mall’s worth of stuff, right?

With that thought, Ji Yi turned and looked over at He Jichen. “Why did you think of buying me so many things?”

“When I was talking business this evening, I got a little bored, so I casually pulled out my phone and made a call for you to pick out some items,” replied He Jichen nonchalantly.

Bored, casually… a cold inhale was vaguely heard from beside them.

Those shoes, bags, and accessories were all from international luxury brands. The cheapest ones were in the five-figure range and the most expensive were all six figures; in fact, seven figures even… Was this what he casually did when he was bored?

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