Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 874
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 874
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 874: He Jichen, Let’s Have a Baby (24)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen saw the awful expression on Xie Siyao’s face with his own two eyes and he said no more. He shut the car door for Ji Yi and walked around the front of the car. He opened the door to the driver’s seat and was just about to get into the car and leave.

Having spent the night showing her boyfriend off, how could Xie Siyao possibly be willing to back down after listening to He Jichen’s frank words? Just as He Jichen was about to get into the car, she suddenly screamed, “He Jichen, did you know that when Ji Yi said you were coming to pick her up, we told her to call you in to sit for a while but she refused?”

Sitting in the car, Ji Yi turned her head in disbelief and glared at Xie Siyao through the car window.

Xie Siyao did tell me to call He Jichen upstairs to sit for a while, but I ignored her and left. So when did I ever decline?

“Don’t be fooled by her nice-girl act in front of you, repeatedly calling you ‘hubby’. In private, she doesn’t dare to be at the same event as you!”

Ji Yi was confused for a second, but after she heard what Xie Siyao said, she immediately understood she was trying to drive a wedge between them.

However, she was making things up! Her ability to frame people was just too shameless!

Deep down, a vicious sense of anger and disgust came over Ji Yi. Without even thinking twice, she reached out and rolled the window down.

Xie Siyao disregarded Ji Yi’s actions as her gaze was transfixed on He Jichen. “Because deep down inside, she thinks the incident of Qian Ge’s stabbing is embarrassing! You don’t even know… I asked about your situation a number of times during dinner, but she never mentioned you!”

Ji Yi didn’t mention He Jichen, but that was because Xie Siyao’s every word was crafted in a way to mock He Jichen. Unless there was something wrong with her, she’d never be as stupid as to reply to her.

How the hell could she twist the truth and act all righteous?

Ji Yi’s chest started to heave in anger as she stared at Xie Siyao with an icy look. Just as she was about to say something, He Jichen, who was holding the driver’s side door open but hadn’t changed his expression in the slightest, heard what Xie Siyao said and flatly said, “I think you’ve got it all wrong. Xiao Yi didn’t stop me from going up. I didn’t want to go up because she told me you were there.”

“Also, it’s normal for her not to mention me. There’s a good saying that ‘showing affection quickly kills love.’ There’s an even better saying: ‘you show off what you don’t have’.”

After he said this, He Jichen didn’t take another glance at Xie Siyao as he entered the car, put on his seat belt and stepped on the gas.

Ji Yi stopped rolling down the windows. She could clearly see that after He Jichen’s voice dropped, Xie Siyao’s face instantly turned pale white. It wasn’t clear if she was angry or if she was admitting defeat because her eyes were all red.

She couldn’t help but admit that what He Jichen said earlier really was harsh and cruel.

Xie Siyao clearly wanted to challenge her and He Jichen’s relationship, but not only did he not take the bait, he even mocked her back. Xie Siyao was probably so mad that she wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight!

No matter how angry Ji Yi was earlier, she felt equally as relieved now. The more she thought about it, the more satisfied she felt deep down. Eventually, she laid back into her passenger seat, smiling foolishly.

Just as the car was heading down to the underground parking lot of the apartment building, Ji Yi suddenly turned her head. “He Jichen…”

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