Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 88
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 88
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 88: How Have You Been? Let’s Not Lie (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

That night, He Jichen drank many bottles of beer by himself in the KTV room. When he came home feeling shattered, he coincidentally saw Ji Yi sleeping under He Yuguang’s blanket. The moment she came out of He Yuguang’s room, he happened to bump right into her. She was still angry at him, so instead of being rude or calling him an estranged “He Tongxue”, she didn’t even look at him as she brushed past his shoulders and closed He Yuguang’s bedroom door without turning back.

That must’ve been the first time she gave him the cold shoulder—it lasted an entire two weeks. During that time, his mood was terrible. He didn’t smile at all, and his friends kept as much distance as possible from him after class in fear that they’d accidentally set him off.

The last time they spoke was because of Sun Zhang.

One night after he came home, he went upstairs and heard Ji Yi’s distressed voice talking to He Yuguang. “Yuguang Gege, you don’t know how annoying Sun Zhang is. Lately, he’s been harassing me all the time. Today, he went completely overboard. Not only did he call me cheap, but he grabbed me…”

He Jichen couldn’t see inside the room, but he guessed that He Yuguang must be replying to Ji Yi on his whiteboard.

After a while, Ji Yi’s voice was heard. “Ask He Jichen? But we’re not even close.”

He Yuguang must’ve written something as Ji Yi replied, “Yuguang Gege will help me ask?”

He didn’t even have to wait for He Yuguang to ask him for help—the moment he heard her mention that Sun Zhang laid his hands on her, his anger spiked. He didn’t even stop to put his backpack down as he rushed downstairs and gave Fatty a call. Over the phone, he told Fatty that even if he had to turn Sucheng upside down, he had to find Sun Zhang.

It wasn’t until the afternoon of the following day that he found out where Sun Zhang was.

He didn’t wait for Fatty to call his posse over before heading out on his own.

At three in the afternoon, a hair-raising incident happened on the sports field of Sucheng Yizhong.

The handsome man was like a blood-soaked hero as he publicly dragged Sun Zhang with his shirt dishevelled in the middle of Ji Yi’s P.E. class.

With no consideration for the surrounding young men and women, he raised his leg and forced Sun Zhang to bow in front of Ji Yi.

He stared right at Ji Yi and spat out a word directed at Sun Zhang, “Speak!”

Sun Zhang struggled to get up as He Jichen violently kicked him. Sun Zhang crawled to Ji Yi’s feet.

He Jichen kept his leg glued to Sun Zhang’s back as he remained silent this time. Seeing as Sun Zhang wasn’t doing anything, he gradually increased pressure on his back, causing Sun Zhang to finally blurt out, “Sorry, Ji Yi, sorry, sorry, sorry…”

As Sun Zhang said “sorry,” Fatty counted beside him. When he reached a hundred, He Jichen finally released his leg from Sun Zhang’s back.

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