Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 892
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 892
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 892: He Jichen, Let’s Have A Baby (42)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

And how does her fainting have anything to do with me? Besides… someone turned up beside her, took care of her and took her away…

As the thought of that man carefully carrying Cheng Weiwan into the car and patting her dry flashed across Han Zhifan’s mind, his lips pursed into a single line. There were two roaring flames in the depths of his eyes.

That man… I recognize him. He’s the man who dropped her home yesterday…

The next morning, Cheng Han still had a bit of a fever. However, his temperature wasn’t shockingly high anymore.

Ever since Han ZHifan returned to the room last night, the entire atmosphere in the room turned unusually somber.

The housekeeper and wet nurse didn’t dare say a word out of place. When they walked, they even tread carefully.

After Cheng Han woke up with much difficulty, Han Zhifan’s frozen complexion finally showed signs of defrosting. The housekeeper and wet nurse discreetly let out sighs of relief and revealed relaxed expressions at the same time. After barely two minutes passed, Cheng Han opened his eyes and stared at the three people gathered around his bed with googly eyes. “Where’s mummy?” he asked in a cute voice.

Han Zhifan’s hand stopped as he was about to reach over to touch Cheng Han’s head.

The expression on his face turned cold again, bringing the temperature in the room to its coldest point once again.

Neither the housekeeper nor the wet nurse dared to utter a peep.

“Where’s mummy?” asked Cheng Han once more.

Han Zhifan’s brows furrowed again.

The wet nurse was afraid if Han Zhifan said anything, he would frighten Cheng Han and make him cry, so she quickly said, “Mummy’s coming over later…”

As the words were blurted from her lips, the wet nurse clearly felt a frightening aura being emitted from the body of the man next to her. She didn’t dare move an inch. All she could do was continue to stare at Cheng Han with a kind smile and continue: “… Baby, are you hungry? Let’s drink some milk, okay?”

Cheng Han nodded obediently.

The housekeeper hurriedly brought over a milk bottle.

The wet nurse took it, picked up Cheng Han, and carefully fed him.

The two of them carried this out flawlessly but deep down, they were a complete mess.

After he finished drinking the milk, the nurse came over and gave Cheng Han a checkup. She put him on another IV and left.

Cheng Han started to cry because of the pain. He was still seriously unwell and had no energy. The medicine also kicked in and Cheng Han didn’t pull a tantrum for too long before he slipped into a deep slumber.

By the time Cheng Han woke up again, it was already late in the afternoon.

After being carried away by a man yesterday, Cheng Weiwan had now turned up again outside of the building. She’d been standing there for almost two hours now.

Just like he did when he awoke in the morning, the first thing Cheng Han did when he woke up was ask for his mother.

Han Zhifan noticed Cheng Weiwan was standing outside half an hour ago. He looked like he was in the worse of moods, but now that he heard what Cheng Han said, his expression turned positively dismal.

Not seeing his mother made Cheng Han start to cry again. The housekeeper and the wet nurse tried their hardest to cheer him up, whereas Han Zhifan held the same cold expression as though he hadn’t heard a thing. He just stood to one side and watched motionlessly.

It wasn’t clear if he was annoyed by Cheng Han’s crying, but after twenty minutes, Han Zhifan walked over to the window.

Maybe it was because he knew she was downstairs that he instinctively shot a glance in her direction out of pure habit.

She was standing there on her own earlier. However, it was unclear when this happened but there was now suddenly an extra person standing beside her.

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