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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 894
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 894: He Jichen, Let’s Have A Baby (44)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After crying for such a long time, Cheng Han finally fell asleep.

The wet nurse and housekeeper were exhausted. They sat to one side and got some rest for a while. After a while, the housekeeper got up to tidy up then realized they ran out of diapers for Cheng Han. “I have to go to the supermarket. The young master ran out of diapers a while ago.”

“I’ll go,” abruptly cried Han Zhifan, who was staring out the window.

The housekeeper was stunned but she still told Han Zhifan the brand of diapers Cheng Han used.

Han Zhifan didn’t say anything as he picked up his wallet and car keys and walked out of the room.

Since it was so late at night, the only person left at the entrance of the hospital building, which was usually busy during the day, was Cheng Weiwan.

She was staring at a nearby hibiscus flower in bloom when Han Zhifan walked up to her. She sluggishly came to her senses and looked at Han Zhifan.

Han Zhifan, who wanted to pretend Cheng Weiwan didn’t exist and walk right past her without making eye contact, hesitated for a moment. In the end, his feet came to a stop.

Cheng Weiwan’s pale complexion revealed her condition. She probably got sick last night from the rain.

The wound by her temples was dressed with two band-aids.

Han Zhifan started coldly at Cheng Weiwan for a while then withdrew his gaze and raised his feet to leave.

“Hanhan’s awake, isn’t he?” If completely necessary, Cheng Weiwan could really cut Han Zhifan out of her life, but… she was a woman and what’s more, she was also a mother. She couldn’t just pretend nothing happened after finding out Hanhan was in the hospital.

After all, she worked so hard to give birth to and raise Hanhan up till now.

Hanhan was the only motivation she had left to survive after the aftermath of her destructive love affair.

So even if she knew she would probably get the same harsh words as the day before, she still had to ask.

Han Zhifan lowered his feet down when he heard her voice.

“How is Hanhan’s condition?” Cheng Weiwan asked again with a gulp.

Han Zhifan turned his head and looked over at her. “You’ll do whatever I want as long as I let you see Hanhan?”

Cheng Weiwan didn’t know why Han Zhifan was suddenly bringing up what she said yesterday. She vaguely felt like something might happen, so she hesitated for a while before she nodded at Han Zhifan.

“I can let you see my son on one condition.”

Cheng Weiwan remained silent for a while. “Go on.”

Han Zhifan thought he must be crazy to propose such a ridiculous condition, but he went and said it anyway: “Sleep with me once and I’ll let you see my son for a day!”

Cheng Weiwan thought she misheard as her mouth gaped slightly.

“Think about it.” After leaving those words with her, Han Zhifan didn’t linger for a moment longer as he left Cheng Weiwan there and strode off.

Throughout the two days Cheng Weiwan stayed on guard at the hospital, the “Fleeting Years” film officially started production in Beijing’s film studios.

Ji Yi wasn’t the main character, so she didn’t attend the opening ceremony. Because she only had a few scenes to shoot and because she was at the height of her popularity when she first signed the contract with many jobs lined up, her scenes were all arranged for the first three days of production.

Since the filming schedule was quite tight and the traffic in Beijing was uncontrollable, Ji Yi decided to stay at a nearby hotel close to the film studio for her three days of filming in fear of delaying filming.

The filming process went considerably smoothly. The only problem was a minor hiccup.

Ji Yi thought she could ignore this minor hiccup. However, she never imagined that after she finished filming that very day, the situation blew up into a big argument.

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