Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 895
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 895
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 895: He Jichen, Let’s Have A Baby (45)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Actually, before the argument happened, minor conflicts had been popping up in the past three days.

These so-called “minor conflicts” didn’t include He Jichen violently slapping Xie Siyao that day at the entrance of China World Hotel Beijing. Instead, they started with Yang Li, the male lead of “Fleeting Years.”

On the first day Ji Yi joined the cast and crew, she didn’t have any scenes to shoot with Yang Li, but he always spent time on set even with no scenes to shoot.

During dinner, Ji Yi more or less knew what was on Yang Li’s mind. On set, no matter if she was putting on her makeup or changing, she always saw Yang Li watching her like she was prey. It made her feel unusually uncomfortable.

But fortunately, the two of them always kept their distance. All Ji Yi could do was pretend that nothing was happening and focus on filming.

But the next day, Ji Yi and Yang Li were set to start shooting a scene together. The uncomfortable feeling Yang Li left Ji Yi slowly turned into annoyance.

During their first scene together, Yang Li and Ji Yi weren’t in close contact, but in their second scene, Yang Li and Ji Yi had to hold hands.

Yang Li’s acting wasn’t particularly good, yet it wasn’t so terrible that it couldn’t be saved. This scene when they had to hold hands could’ve been done in one take, but Yang Li needed several takes. In the first two takes, he politely broke free from holding Ji Yi’s hand. However, during the latter takes, he used his index finger to stroke Ji Yi’s palm.

Ji Yi already felt uneasy with having a stranger touch her. Now, with Yang Li clearly crossing the line like this, it made Ji Yi feel even more uncomfortable.

It was obvious that Yang Li came prepared. Only the two of them knew about his little gestures. To others, it looked like there wasn’t anything odd happening in the slightest, so even if Ji Yi couldn’t accept it, there was no way she could get mad at him publicly before he revealed himself. All Ji Yi could do was guard herself as much as possible from Yang Li and prevent him from getting his way.

Yang Li was an old hand in this area. He noticed Ji Yi was putting her guard up against him, so he changed his methods. For example, when he was filming, he pretended he was talking to Ji Yi about the script but hugged her from behind while he read the script with her. Another example was when they filmed outdoors, Yang Li deliberately acted like a gentleman and reminded Ji Yi to be careful while walking as he reached his arm out to pretend like he was protecting Ji Yi from falling. In actuality, he inadvertently touched Ji Yi’s waist.

Because Ji Yi managed to discreetly avoid him almost every time, Yang Li didn’t manage to get his way, so he slowly became annoyed. During their final scene when they were supposed to argue, Ji Yi wasn’t sure if Yang Li did it on purpose, but he grabbed Ji Yi’s shirt on her shoulder when the script clearly indicated that he was meant to grab Ji Yi’s hand. He tore Ji YI’s clothes, revealing a big portion of her skin for the whole cast and crew to see.

Reflexively, Ji Yi’s first reaction was to raise her hand and cover herself up to avoid a nip slip.

Zhuang Yi worked in showbiz for a long time, so she was quite savvy about incidents like these. She had quick reflexes, so before the whole cast and crew came to their senses, Zhuang Yi had already run over to Ji Yi with clothes and covered her up.

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