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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 900
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 900: He Jichen, Let’s Have A Baby (50)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After leaving the set, Ji Yi headed back to the hotel. When Zhuang Yi and Tang Huahua finished packing suitcases for the three of them, Ji Yi immediately checked out and left the film studio.

It was still early – it was only eight something, so there was quite a bit of traffic. The car drove alternatingly fast and slow towards the city center for about twenty minutes. After Zhuang Yi turned to look back at Ji Yi countless times, she finally realized that the expression in Ji Yi’s eyes wasn’t as threatening as before. Zhuang Yi bent over to grab a bottle of water, twisted the cap, and handed it to Ji Yi.

Ji Yi, who had been staring at the night sky outside, turned and glanced over at Zhuang Yi when she felt a gentle touch on her arm. When she saw the water in front of her, she softly thanked her and took it.

Just as they left the studio, Zhuang Yi and Tang Huahua sweetly tried to cheer Ji Yi up, but she didn’t make a peep. Now that Zhuang Yi witnessed Ji Yi finally saying something, she let out a sigh of relief and quickly asked, “Xiao Yi, are you alright?”

Ji Yi nodded silently then put the bottle of water to her lips and took a sip.

After she finished drinking, the car was quiet for a while before Zhuang Yi spoke again. “During filming, the covers were pulled up so nobody saw anything. Was that when Yang Li did something to you under the sheets?”

Although she had clothes on, Ji Yi couldn’t help but feel disgusted at the thought of Yang Li’s hand touching her breasts. She pursed her lips forcefully and gently nodded at Zhuang Yi.

Tang Huahua, who was driving at the front, saw Ji Yi’s reaction through the rearview mirror and immediately exploded. “Not only does he have a bad mouth, but he’s got perverted hands too! I freaking hate men who get handsy! You were really going easy on him when you gave him two slaps on the face…”

Tang Huahua only stopped after a long rant.

She stared ahead at the traffic and drove on for a little while before she suddenly shouted angrily. “…The more I think about it, the more pissed I get. I really can’t stand it! I’m going to call Chen Bai and tell him what happened. We can’t just let it slide!”

“Huahua!” Zhuang Yi shouted the very moment Tang Huahua raised her phone.

“Zhuang Jie!” Tang Huahua was upset by Zhuang Yi’s attempt to stop her.

Zhuang Yi didn’t say anything but through the rearview mirror, she shot Tang Huahua a glance with her aims directed towards where Ji Yi was sitting.

Tang Huahua stopped speaking and glanced over at Ji Yi then reluctantly lowered her phone.

That was when Zhuang Yi turned her head and looked over at Ji Yi. She stared at Ji Yi’s profile for a while then quickly said, “Xiao Yi, do you still not want to tell Mr. He about what happened today?”

Ji Yi stared out the car window without replying to Zhuang Yi. Her gaze was a little dazed and it wasn’t evident what she was thinking.

The car continued to drive ahead for some distance when Zhuang Yi continued by saying, “Xiao Yi?”

Ji Yi didn’t wait for Zhuang Yi to finish when she moved her lips and said with a soft tone: “Do you girls still remember the huge news scoop published online a few years ago?”

“Specifically, about the reporter intern who interviewed an old woman? After the news went out, it created a huge buzz at the time.”

“The old lady’s husband was a high ranking person in a drug-dealing ring. Her husband died getting caught while in that drug dealing ring.”

Zhuang Yi and Tang Huahua had no idea why Ji Yi suddenly brought up such an old piece of news.

Through the rearview mirror, they exchanged glances but nobody interrupted Ji Yi.

“At the time, the old lady was a college professor, but because of her husband’s criminal activity, she attracted a lot of criticism. In the end, the old lady quit her job at the college.”

“The old lady had no kids and lived alone for forty years. It wasn’t until just before she died that everyone found out through a female reporter intern’s interview that her husband wasn’t a drug dealer at all. In fact, he was an undercover police officer.”

“At the time, her husband cracked a big case when they caught the drug dealers. The only reason why it wasn’t publicized was because the cops were afraid people would try to take revenge by harming the old lady when the truth came out. In the end, the old lady’s husband carried a bad name all that time until just before the old lady passed.”

“When the intern interviewed the old lady, she asked if she and her husband felt mistreated.”

“The old lady replied she has regretted a lot in this world, but if she cared too much, she wouldn’t have lived happily…”

With that said, Ji Yi paused for a moment then continued to say, “…So sometimes, it’s not bad to have regrets. Don’t you think?”

Even if she really liked filming and really wanted to make a name for herself in the entertainment business…

Even if she really wanted to stomp Qian Ge to death and wanted to get back everything she owed her…

In life, who got absolutely everything they wanted?

For each day she stayed in showbiz, the name “murderer” would forever hang over He Jichen’s head.

She didn’t want to encounter someone like Yang Li talking about He Jichen in front of everyone ever again.

Even if she knew He Jichen was wrong to have stabbed Qian Ge, Qian Ge did things herself that were even more overboard.

However, she and He Jichen had no evidence. Rather than wasting her time with Qian Ge, why not just leave showbiz and happily spend her days with He Jichen?

Just like that night at the Television Awards, after she finished her confession to He Jichen in front of the whole world, He Jichen asked her if they were acting stupid. She said no because she honestly thought they weren’t being stupid. In fact, not only was she not being stupid, but she felt like she had won.

So now that she had He Jichen by her side, what else did she need to care about?

With that thought, Ji Yi suddenly moved on.

Zhuang Yi and Tang Huahua didn’t quite understand what she meant, so their eyes were filled with confusion.

Ji Yi didn’t explain but merely said, “Don’t tell He Jichen about everything that happened on set.” Then she fell silent again.

At that moment, Ji Yi felt like she was reincarnated. She stared out at the nightlife endlessly passing by the window as her lips couldn’t help but lift into a slight smile.

So as it turned out, letting go of a grudge could be quite relieving sometimes.

It was half past nine in the evening by the time she returned home.

He Jichen called her in advance to say he would be out on business in the evening.

Even though the house was empty, there were four dishes and soup on the dining table and a bouquet of fresh flowers on the coffee table in the living room.

He Jichen wrote a card for her and placed it in the fresh flowers. “When you get back, eat dinner. I’ve washed the fruit and you’ll see it in the fridge. Once you’ve finished your run in the home gym after dinner, remember to eat some.”

Those words were bland and uninteresting, but Ji Yi’s heart felt extremely warm for a moment.

Isn’t this what life is like with the person you love?

Simple, happy, and peaceful…

Ji Yi stared at He Jichen’s handwriting on the card as her mind suddenly rushed back to the first time she saw him at his house. Then time started to rush forward to when he strutted on the sports field by making someone kneel and apologize before her. Time skipped to when he ran in the rain to hand her his umbrella then to when they drunkenly had sex before their final exams. Now, they were reunited at B-Film after separating for four years then she saw the apologetic note he wrote to her at the hot pot restaurant opposite the college. She then saw him staying with her through the ups and downs of showbiz then she saw him asking if she was willing to trust him back at the hotel by West Lake. Finally, she saw him selflessly leaving Beijing for her…

She missed him every day and waited every second of every minute when he wasn’t around for that year.

Now, all that waiting finally paid off.

Ji Yi didn’t know why but all of a sudden, her heart was suddenly overflowing with emotions. She stared and stared at He Jichen’s card then without even realizing it, she reached for her phone and called He Jichen.

The phone rang twice before He Jichen picked up. “Xiao Yi?”

In his voice that sounded deep, low, and flat as usual, she could also hear a slight hint of warmth and gentleness.

The emotions in Ji Yi’s heart bubbled up even faster and in that moment, her eyes started to get wet.

Ignoring what He Jichen said, she softly said, “He Jichen, I love you…”

He Jichen, I love you.

Since I realized I love you, I don’t think I’ve truly said those simple words.

He Jichen, I love you.

Did you know?

I’ve loved you ever since you were by my side.

I always wanted to find you and say those words to you when you left me that year.

Now, my wish has finally been granted.

“He Jichen, I love you,” repeated Ji Yi as she paused and sounded more certain with every word.

Not a peep came from the phone.

Ji Yi didn’t say anything else.

Silence lingered on the phone between the two of them.

After who knew how long, a stranger’s voice came from He Jichen’s end of the call. “Mr. He, your cigarette is about to go out…”

He Jichen let out an “Oh” in a dazed voice. Then after a while, JI Yi heard the sound of an ash tray and tea cup crashing to the floor.

“Mr. He, are you alright?” This time, it was a woman’s voice. Ji Yi figured it was a waitress.

“I’m fine,” replied He Jichen quickly with just two words. Then Ji Yi heard the sound of his footsteps.

But he only took two steps before Ji Yi spoke again. “He Jichen, do you want a baby?”

The sound of the footsteps stopped.

After a while, Ji Yi spoke again. “He Jichen, I want to have a baby. Let’s have a baby.”

I want to spend lovingly simple days together as a family of three.

I want to give birth to our child and release you from the awful situation you’re in now by bringing a completely untainted life into the world.

With that thought, Ji Yi’s voice sounded more assured. “He Jichen, let’s have a baby!”

The moment her voice fell, the call was cut off.

Overflowing with emotions, Ji Yi furrowed her brows and called He Jichen again. There was no answer.

She called again, but there was still no answer, so she threw her phone aside and walked into the bathroom to wash her hands and prepare to eat.

After coming out of the bathroom, she stepped into the dining room. Just as she was about to pour some soup, the sound of the door opening came from the entrance.

She put down her bowl and got up. He Jichen was already standing in front of her by the time she stepped out of the dining room.

“He Jichen, aren’t you busy…”

Before Ji Yi could finish speaking, He Jichen bent over and lifted her up.

Completely taken aback, Ji Yi shrieked as her feet went up in the air. “He Jichen, what are you doing…”

He Jichen didn’t say anything as he strode upstairs with her in his arms.

“He Jichen, I haven’t had dinner…”

He Jichen still didn’t utter a word as he put Ji Yi down on the bed. He raised his hands and started to remove his clothes.

Every inch of He Jichen’s muscular body fell into Ji Yi’s eyes. Although they had been intimate together many times, Ji Yi’s face flushed. Her gaze flashed aside. “He Jichen, why are you stripping…”

Before she could finish, a completely naked He Jichen pushed her down onto the bed with his body. “Have a baby…”

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