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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 902
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 902: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Stunned, Ji Yi looked over at He Jichen in confusion.

His eyes were a little cold with anger. Ji Yi furrowed her brows then realized what He Jichen was referring to after she followed his line of sight to the band-aid on her shoulder. She quickly pretended it was nothing and casually replied, “Oh, this. I accidentally scratched myself this afternoon.”


He Jichen didn’t say anything but his eyes clearly revealed he didn’t believe her.

Ji Yi realized He Jichen didn’t believe her and she cried out, “It’s true! It’s not like you don’t know that period drama costumes have many buttons. When I was taking off my costume, I accidentally scratched myself with my fake nails…”

With that, Ji Yi pouted at He Jichen then put on a troubled look and pretended to play cute. “…The production team probably wanted to cut costs, so they skimped on the props. The materials are pretty bad in quality…”

He Jichen’s eyes seemed frozen, but they slowly melted with Ji Yi’s soft words. He crouched down and drew closer to Ji Yi’s shoulder. He raised his finger and gently stroked the wound. “Does it still hurt?” he asked quietly.

Ji Yi heard He Jichen’s question and inwardly let a sigh of relief when she knew he had fallen for her lie. She smiled and said, “It stopped hurting ages ago. It’s just a scratch – why would it be anything more…?”

“You’ll have to cleanse it with alcohol later to prevent it from getting infected.”

“Alright,” replied Ji Yi obediently.

He Jichen didn’t say anything else as he continued to stare at the wound on Ji Yi’s shoulder for a while. He got up, grabbed the body wash and put it in Ji Yi’s hand. “Wash up first. I’ll head downstairs to heat up the food.”

Ji Yi’s eyes smiled as she nodded deeply.

He Jichen raised his hand and stroked Ji Yi’s hair. He then turned around and walked out of the bathroom.

He walked over to the changing room and found a set of lounge clothes. He Jichen pulled out his phone from the pocket of the pants he took off and walked into the living room.

He walked downstairs, into the kitchen. He wasn’t in a hurry to heat up Ji Yi’s food, so he lowered his head and unlocked his phone screen. He gave Zhuang Yi a call.

Zhuang Yi happened to be on her phone, so she picked up the call quickly. She knew He Jichen had a meeting in the morning, so he was probably calling to ask if Ji Yi was home yet. “Mr. He, Xiao Yi went back home ages ago…”

“Come to Xingguang Cafe.” He Jichen didn’t wait for Zhuang Yi to finish as he spoke with a flat voice.

“Now?” asked Zhuang Yi in return and hurriedly said, “Alright. Mr. He, I’ll leave now.”

He Jichen didn’t say anything more then lowered the phone from his ear and hung up.

Although he acted as though he believed what Ji Yi said upstairs in the bathroom, he knew deep down that she definitely didn’t scratch her shoulder by accident.

There must’ve been quite some force used on her for there to be so much blood. How could a girl use so much strength?

The only reason he didn’t expose her lie was because he could tell she didn’t want him to know the truth.

If he guessed correctly, something must’ve happened during the past three days during work… or perhaps, she suffered somehow…

With that thought, He Jichen’s eyes turned ice-cold.

By the time Ji Yi finished taking her bath and headed downstairs, He Jichen had already heated up the food.

He waited until she finished dinner then they went outside for a stroll as usual. When they returned home, He Jichen and Ji Yi repeated the intimate things they did before dinner.

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