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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 904
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 904: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As those few words escaped Zhuang Yi’s lips, the expression on He Jichen’s face immediately fell to its dreariest.

Feeling pressured, Zhuang Yi’s voice sounded a lot weaker. “He’s been staring at Xiao Yi since the first day of filming. It was bearable when Xiao Yi didn’t have any scenes to shoot with him, but when she did later on, he always made an excuse to touch her…”

The dismal expression on He Jichen’s face worsened.

Zhuang Yi vaguely heard He Jichen gritting his teeth. She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to say anything if she kept looking at He Jichen, so she lowered her gaze and continued to report what happened in detail. “…Xiao Yi knew he was scheming something, so she kept avoiding him. However, yesterday during shooting, Yang Li went overboard. In one scene where he was meant to grab Xiao Yi’s wrist, but he actually grabbed Xiao Yi’s clothes from her shoulder and forcefully tore her shirt. If it wasn’t for Xiao Yi’s fast reflexes, she would’ve been exposed in front of the whole cast and crew…”

Having said all this, Zhuang Yi didn’t dare to go on.

She felt like the man in front of her could get angry and stab someone to death at any time.

Silence fell between them for a couple seconds before a single word escaped from between He Jichen’s teeth: “Continue!”

Zhuang Yi didn’t dare to defy He Jichen, so when she heard his command, she immediately spoke up again like a robot being controlled. “That was when Xiao Yi’s shoulder was scratched.”

“At the time, Huahua and I wanted to call Chen Bai, but Xiao Yi stopped us. She said it’d be better to avoid any unnecessary trouble. Besides, filming was almost over, so it’d be better to just put up with it.”

“Put up with it?” In the end, He Jichen wasn’t able to hold his temper as he suddenly interrupted Zhuang Yi. “When did my woman ever need to put up with anything?!”

Zhuang Yi shook at He Jichen’s roar as she thought to herself. I wasn’t the one who told Ji Yi to put up with it. Why am I the one getting shouted at?

“And then?” Because of his anger, although He Jichen’s tone of voice sounded calm, it was a little frightening at the same time.

Zhuang Yi sat motionlessly on the sofa and continued to recount the story like she was reciting from a book. “…Yang Li must’ve been afraid to annoy Xiao Yi excessively or cause someone to find out, so he started to behave. However, in the evening, during the final scene when the two of them were meant to innocently lay in bed together, h-he…”

Zhuang Yi stuttered a little; she didn’t have the courage to finish saying the rest. It wasn’t until she met He Jichen’s impatient-looking gaze that she shut her eyes and fearlessly came out with it in one breath. “…Yang Li sneakily touched Xiao Yi, so she kicked him right out of the bed. Then Xiao Yi said she wanted a body double and walked out with Huahua and me. Yang Li probably felt embarrassed, so he rudely yelled nasty things at her. He even dragged you into it and Xiao Yi got a little angry, so she headed back and slapped him twice on the face. Yang Li swore that this matter wasn’t over. He was going to expose her online and ruin her reputation…”

“With his skills?” scoffed He Jichen coldly. The next second, he reached for a red note from his pocket and put it on the table. Then he screamed “Bill please!” at the waiter, got up and walked right out the door.

“Mr. He!” Zhuang Yi instinctively bolted up.

He Jichen didn’t stop walking.

Zhuang Yi caught up in hurry.

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