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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 909
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 909: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Yang Li had a drama to film and endless jobs to work. If he really got seriously injured and had to be hospitalized, all his contracts would be ruined. Thinking about his future and the fact he couldn’t tolerate this pain any longer, Yang Li realized that begging wouldn’t work, so he used a different method. “He Jichen, stop! If you stop, I’ll tell you something you really want to know!”

Does he take me for a three-year-old kid? How could I be so easily appeased?

He Jichen seemed to not care about what Yang Li said in the slightest. He raised his fist and violently hurled it at Yang Li’s face.

His actions were a lot more violent than Ji Yi’s two slaps. If he really did punch him, Yang Li wouldn’t be able to go on camera for at least half a month. Yang Li didn’t even hesitate and blurted out, “I really do have something to tell you, and I promise you’ll definitely be interested because it’s about Ji Yi!”

As the two words “Ji Yi” slipped through Yang Li’s lips. He Jichen’s fist suddenly stopped.

Yang Li could feel He Jichen’s fist touching his face. The fear made him instinctively gasp, then he caught He Jichen’s gaze which seemed to almost believe him but not quite. His body trembled in fear for a moment then he hurriedly added, “I’m not lying to you. It really is about Ji Yi… It involves Qian Ge. She came to see me…”

After He Jichen heard the two words “Qian Ge,” he squinted and continued to stare at Yang Li for two seconds. Then he withdrew his fist from Yang Li’s face.

Yang Li took a long sigh of relief then laid on the floor with complete disregard for his image. He endured the pain while hurriedly adding, “…After Ji Yi left the studio, I was taking a break in the dressing room when Qian Ge came to see me. She said that next month will be the annual charity gala. She said she was going to make Ji Yi my woman…”

The second after he finished speaking, Yang Li felt the warmth in his body plummeting. Having been hit until he was truly terrified, he instinctively started to explain: “I didn’t say those words – Qian Ge did. It had nothing to do with me at all!”

He Jichen’s expression still looked dark. After Yang Li was certain he wouldn’t hit him again, he continued to speak.

Because He Jichen’s reaction was too frightening just now, he didn’t dare mention what Qian Ge said to save his life. Instead of telling He Jichen that she said: I promise to send Ji Yi to your bed and let you do what you want with her, he instead said, “I knew Qian Ge wouldn’t have been so kind as to help me out of her own heart, so I asked her what the catch was and she told me…”

“…She told me she wanted a video of Ji Yi and me sleeping together… and she wanted it in high definition…”

The more Yang Li spoke, the quieter his voice became. After he finished, he didn’t forget to emphasize: “This was Qian Ge’s idea. She came up with everything.”

“And I didn’t agree at the time. I really didn’t agree to do it. She saw that I was hesitating, so she added another catch. She said she knew I was interested in Xie Siyao, and she would also consider sending Xie Siyao to my bed too…”

Xie Siyao… These three words made He Jichen’s brows furrow.

Wasn’t Xie Siyao the person who worked with Qian Ge to sabotage Ji Yi? Since only the two of them knew the intricacies of that scheme, the relationship between the two of them had always been really good. Even the studio Ji Yi established belonged to the two of them now. Now Qian Ge was willing to betray Xie Siyao just to get revenge on Ji Yi?

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