Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 912
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 912
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 912: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (12)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She didn’t make a sound.

His hand slipped to her waist then stroked her soft skin. After he felt her body trembling gently, he seductively cried, “Call me husband…”

His teasing made her legs go weak as she couldn’t move beneath his body.

He saw that she wasn’t uttering a word, so he pretended to be violent and bit her shoulder. “You gonna say it?”

As his voice fell, she felt the tip of his tongue licking her skin, leaving an intensely numb sensation. It took her breath away. “Husband…” she pleaded.

“Say it again…” he slurred as the tip of his tongue remained glued to her.

She didn’t make another sound, so he raised her legs up high and barged into her world incredibly slowly.

This kind of torturous feeling was enough to make her cry again, “Husband!”

“Hm?” He acted like he was going to go in all the way, but in the end, he didn’t. Ji Yi heard his low, unhurried voice and once again, she cried without thinking twice, “Husband…”

His waist abruptly slammed into the deepest part of her world hard. He lifted Ji Yi’s head, kissed her lips and lingered there for a long time. Then he hugged her and flipped her over so that he was on the bottom and she was on top. Then he used his hands to push her back down. He raised his head and kissed her breasts, leaving wet marks upon wet marks…

Xie Siyao and Qian Ge were known sisters in the industry. On Xie Siyao’s birthday, Qian Ge always immediately posted birthday wishes to her. Whenever Qian Ge released a new drama, Xie Siyao chose the most beautiful photos of Qian Ge after every episode and posted them on her Weibo. She would then compliment Qian Ge and tag her.

Actually, Xie Siyao and Qian Ge were quite similar; they were both child celebrities. Once, Qian Ge stole Ji Yi’s role as the supporting actress, making her deeply loathe Qian Ge. At the same time, because of Ji Yi, Xie Siyao and Qian Ge also became great friends.

In most female friendships, women could only both suffer and they could never both enjoy happiness at the same time. However, Xie Siyao and Qian Ge were different. They both had unspeakable secrets and information they could use against each other. Even after Qian Ge became famous, she was secretly still bitter and jealous deep down, but the two of them still had a good relationship.

As time went on, Xie Siyao gradually forgot how she and Qian Ge first got together. Even now, she thought she and Qian Ge were really sisters.

So when Qian Ge’s reputation was ruined and her popularity dropped after trying to sabotage Ji Yi for copying her performance, she still stood by Qian Ge. She spent two days and nights with her and she even paid for a week’s holiday to the Maldives for the two of them.

After Qian Ge shot to fame, she always took care of Xie Siyao, but Xie Siyao must’ve really not been destined for this life because no matter how many good dramas she acted in or how well she acted, nobody remembered her. She never became famous and over time, Xie Siyao felt that she might not be cut out to be a big celebrity. That was when she figured she should just marry a wealthy man and comfortably live out her life as a caged canary.

Not long after she had that thought, Xie Siyao met Chen Mingda at a party.

Even though Chen Baida wasn’t considered handsome, he won her heart because he was young which was better than those old-fashioned, fat old men. Also, he was willing to spend money on Xie Siyao, so without much thought, she accepted Chen Mingda and the two of them started dating.

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