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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 913
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 913: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (13)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Chen Mingda really didn’t treat Xie Siyao half bad. He bought her endless gifts and even when he was busy, he never forgot to call her.

Xie Siyao had to admit that no matter where she went, she showed off her boyfriend. She did it partially because in the past few years, she always envied others in relationships, so she wanted other people to admire her. Xie Siyao also felt that she wasn’t doing this only because Chen Mingda was rich but because she was slowly falling for him too.

The most touching thing Chen Mingda’d done for Xie Siyao was after Qian Ge’s losses. The investors for the new drama about to be released from her and Qian Ge’s studio withdrew their investments at the last minute. This meant the huge investment was held up; they couldn’t get it back and the drama couldn’t be developed further.

Just as they felt at a dead end, Qian Ge suggested they ask Chen Mingda to see if he had any intentions to invest.

A small part of Xie Siyao didn’t actually want to since she was afraid Chen Mingda would think she was with him for the money and this would affect their relationship. However, Qian Ge was her best friend. After fully contemplating it, on a dark and dreary night after she and Chen Mingda finished being intimate, she carefully brought it up. Of course, she repeatedly emphasized he didn’t have to invest. She was just asking for Qian Ge.

To Xie Siyao’s surprise, Chen Mingda actually agreed without a second thought.

And that was when she officially introduced Chen Mingda to Qian Ge.

Xie Siyao wanted to marry Chen Mingda and be a comfortable golden canary, but as time went on, Xie Siyao thought having nothing to do every day was no way to live. Once again, to Xie Siyao’s surprise, after Chen Mingda found out she was bored as hell, he actually helped her get a role on the movie “Fleeting Years.” Although it was a supporting female role and not the leading female role, it was much better than the roles Qian Ge used to get her.

Xi Siyao practically lived in complete comfort. She viewed Chen MIngda as her savior. She used to say “Oh how annoying,” but that became “My Mingda…”

Xie Siyao always believed she lived poorly most of her life, but finally, things were turning around for her. She lived every day happily. Even her period, which made her have suicidal thoughts and made her erratically angry in the past, now seemed to have disappeared for the past few months.

However, Xie Siyao didn’t know what sin she committed in the past to deserve someone viciously hitting her back with a bat after enduring over ten years of hard work.

Xie Siyao had no memory of what happened. All she knew was that she and Qian Ge had plans to meet up at a party. Then, just as the party was almost over, it seemed like she had too much to drink and her consciousness was completely hazy. She couldn’t remember who helped carry her upstairs, but after she woke up, she wasn’t wearing anything. She laid on the big hotel bed with searing pain in her waist and back.

At first, she thought Chen Mingda took her back home last night then they drunkenly spent the night together afterward. She sat up. Through the mirror in front of her, she saw her body was filled with hickeys. The corner of her lips curved slightly, but before it could turn into the most beautiful smile, she saw a man lying beside her through the mirror. He wasn’t Chen Mingda.

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