Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 93
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 93
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 93: A Hundred “Sorry”s (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

At the time, he was a lot taller than she was. Sensing someone come close to her, she looked up to see that it was him.

She was stunned at first when she saw it was him, but then she looked away.

They stood there silently in front of each other for a while, then he silently pushed the umbrella into her hands and turned back into the heavy rain.

The rain was so heavy that his clothes were completely soaked after a few seconds.

Before he took even two steps forward, he heard her voice. “He Jichen!”

He didn’t want to stop, but she called him again, “He Jichen!”

He turned back and saw she was chasing after him while holding the umbrella.

She stood in front of him and lifted the umbrella up high over his head. Then she said something he engraved into his heart to this very day.

“He Jichen, how have you been lately?”

Without waiting for an answer, she added, “Let’s not lie…”

“I’ll answer first. He Jichen, things haven’t been good for me lately. I was wrong for what happened with Qian Ge. I’ll never interfere with your business again. You’re the most important friend to me; I don’t want to argue with you.”

Most important friend… He Jichen, at the time, didn’t realize that the key word was “friend.” He was so dazed with the word “important” that his anger disappeared. He looked down at her and said, “Things haven’t been good for me lately either because you’re also the most important friend to me.”

“Ding dong, ding dong…” His phone notifications rang a few times. He Jichen felt the phone in his pocket vibrate and slightly furrowed his brows. He gradually opened his eyes and realized the skies were dark.

Because he had been deep in thought for such a long time, he was in a slight daze. After a while, he came to and realized he was still in front of He Yuguang’s gravestone.

He realized he had been quietly reminiscing back to such distance times in the past.

He Jichen lit another cigarette, stuck it into his mouth and slowly took a drag. Then, he reached for his phone.

Tang Huahua sent him a few messages on WeChat.

“He Xuezhang, I have to tell you something earth-shattering!”

“Xiao Yi didn’t come back to the dorms yesterday. She came back this afternoon, stared blankly out the window for a long while, then made a call.”

“Do you know who she was calling? She called a match-making company—she actually wants to go on a blind date!”

“He Xuezhang, I just asked Xiao Yi and she really wants to get married!”

“I asked her why, but she didn’t answer directly. She just said she wants to get married!”

She moved quicker than I ever imagined. It’s just the next day, yet she’s already decided she wants to get married.

He Jichen hesitated for a moment, then typed the words “got it” to Tang Huahua and put his phone away.

He continued to sit there for a while before he put out his cigarette, got up, and faced He Yuguang’s gravestone.

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