Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 939 - A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You (39)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 939 - A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You (39)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 939: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (39)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“…At the same time, you let Yang Li take me away from the dining hall. After the drug kicked in, I was taken upstairs then Yang Li sent Chen Mingda the text?”

Having figured everything out, Qian Ge saw that He Jichen still hadn’t said a word, so she asked, “Am I right?”

“Looks like you’re not as dumb as I thought you were…” said He Jichen after a prolonged silence. “…But you forgot one point… You thought your luck changed lately and took on so many jobs, but Chen Enterprise didn’t give you those jobs…”

As He Jichen said this, Qian Ge understood. The corners of her lips turned into a smile as she nodded endlessly and replied to He Jichen. “…Did you get those for me?”

“You did it on purpose, didn’t you? After you got me those jobs, I thought of a plan to tell Xie Siyao. That made her think Chen Mingda and I were together; it made her think I sabotaged her to get with Chen Mingda.”

“It was no wonder that Xie Siyao ruined herself and tried to drag me down. So as it turns out… so as it turns out… so as it turns out…”

Qian Ge repeated “so as it turns out…” three times. After this, she started to chuckle. As she laughed and laughed, tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes.

She was celebrating the fact that although she was screwed, it wasn’t at the hands of the man she liked. At the very least, she felt a little better.

In the end, she was overthinking things. In the end, the person she loved personally pushed her into hell!

She loved him so much. She loved him to the point where she fiercely hated him in the very end. But him? He never felt anything for her!

“He Jichen, why did you do this to me?!” All of a sudden, Qian Ge started to go crazy and unleashed the anger brewing in her heart all these years. “You knew I loved you, so why couldn’t you treat me a little better? As long as you treated me a little better, I wouldn’t have ended up like this today!”

“What about me isn’t good enough? Why do you only have eyes for her and not me?!”

“Let me tell you! You’re the reason why I wanted her dead eight years ago! Did you really think I did it to be rich and famous in showbiz? I couldn’t care less!”

“It was you. You forced me to hurt her! He Jichen, you forced me to hurt her!”

“It was you!”

As she said this, Qian Ge opened her mouth and started to cry with complete disregard for her image.

At the very beginning, she just wanted to gain some recognition in his eyes, but from the beginning, he never gave her the tiniest bit of attention… She was jealous and hateful. She thought as long as Ji Yi died, He Jichen might fall in love with her, so she played a fatal game…

With that thought, Qian Ge looked at He Jichen and asked with a cry in her voice, “If-if I didn’t do that to her back then… If-if I was always good friends with her all these years, would you-would you- look at me?”

“No,” replied He Jichen calmly and bluntly. “I wouldn’t look at you at all. And there wouldn’t be any “ifs” because if you got another chance, you would do the same thing. It has nothing to do with me liking Ji Yi and it has nothing to do with you liking me. It’s about you – it’s the kind of person you are in your very bones!”

With that said, He Jichen got up and grabbed his phone. He kicked the chair from behind him and got ready to leave.

He took two steps then came to a stop. Without turning back to see Qian Ge’s crying face, he flatly said, “Do you know what the stain in my life is? It isn’t that I stabbed you. It’s that you fell for me.”

Everything at the BL Charity Gala was broadcasted live online.

The commotion concerning Qian Ge and Xie Siyao didn’t fade from Weibo until an entire half month later.

Although everyone knew He Jichen really did stab Qian Ge, the discussion online changed. However, not everyone understood it. Some people thought He Jichen was wrong for stabbing Qian Ge.

However, it didn’t matter if the comments were good or bad – it wasn’t important to Ji Yi and He Jichen anymore.

Ji Yi didn’t take any more jobs and for the time being, He Jichen wasn’t going to take over He Enterprises. Seeing as they were both free, He Jichen took Ji Yi abroad on vacation.

They returned to China after a month.

On the night of their return, Ji Yi and He Jichen had plans to meet Chen Bai, Han Zhifan, Tang Huahua, Li Da, Zhuang Yi, and Bo He at China World Hotel Beijing for dinner.

It was already twelve at night by the time the dinner party was over.

He Jichen and Ji Yi held hands as they walked some distance by the main road before they got into the slow-moving car behind them.

As they had a long flight, Ji Yi was a little tired. She took a shower when they got home. The two of them didn’t do anything but silently hugged each other to sleep.

That night, He Jichen didn’t know why but his heart raced unusually fast. He abruptly woke up from his dream then instinctively turned to look at Ji Yi. When he saw that she was sleeping soundly in his arms, he let out a sigh of relief. However, before he could relax, Ji Yi suddenly cried as her whole body balled up.

He Jichen instantly woke up from the fright, sat up then anxiously cried, “Xiao Yi, what’s wrong?”

Ji Yi covered her stomach and didn’t look up for a good while. Her face was pale white as she told He Jichen with a trembling voice, “He Jichen, my stomach suddenly hurts…”

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