Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 94
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 94
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 94: A Hundred “Sorry”s (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Bro, I’m back this time because I have something to ask of you.”

The only response he received was the whistling of the night’s breeze.

“Bro, you’ll promise me, right?” He Jichen gave He Yuguang’s gravestone a bow, then straightened up after a good while. “Thank you Bro.”

He sounded serious and earnest. After he said his piece, he stood in front of the gravestone for quite some time before he turned to leave.

He Jichen got back into the car, slowly made his way out of the He family’s private cemetery and headed for central Sucheng.

The streetlights by the road flew by endlessly in reverse as though time was turning back. His mind wandered back again to the third year of high school.

After the last time they made up, he and Ji Yi didn’t get into any more fights.

As the college entrance exam drew closer, they became busier with assignments. Aside from continuing to secretly highlight the key studying points for her, He Jichen started to think up a plan on how he would confess to her after the college entrance exams and graduation.

As the plan gradually took form, he hoped to confess the day after they finished their college entrance exams.

But he never carried out his plan.

Or so to speak, he didn’t have the time to make it all a reality.

He always thought that after getting into two arguments, they wouldn’t get into any more arguments.

But he never imagined that the third time around would be the one to break them apart.

The third argument happened before college entrance exams. It all started the night they both got drunk and slept together.

Heaven knew just how fast his heart beat and how happy he was that night to finally make this woman his, the woman he thought about day and night who he’d protected for so many years. That night, he felt so satisfied and content, like he had the whole world.

But did you know? There’s only a thin, vulnerable line between heaven and hell.

That night, when he was just about to climax during their second round, the name she called wasn’t his, but his older brother’s name.

“Yuguang, Yuguang, Yuguang…” She didn’t add the words “Gege” like all the other times he called his name. Her voice was low and sweet, and the tenderness of her voice was beyond words.

So the girl he liked also had this kind of infinitely deep emotional side to her.

In his dreams, he wanted to see this side of her, but he never imagined that the moment his dream became a reality, it turned out to be the moment he descended into hell.

The only girl in his eyes, the girl he had secretly guarded for two years, the girl he was openly affectionate to for two years… the person she liked wasn’t him. It was his older brother, He Yuguang.

He thought they were doing the happiest thing on earth, yet to her, her mind was with his older brother.

What a painful truth to take in.

As He Jichen drove, his fingers on the steering wheel trembled violently.

That night, he really didn’t know how to face her when she woke, so he left. Alone on the streets of Sucheng in the dead of night, he walked until the sun came up. Once home, he slept, and when he woke, his nostrils could still smell her scent.

In the past, he used to get drunk over that scent, but at this very moment, he loathed it.

He never forgot that afternoon on the third day after they did it. He Yuguang was resting and he was sitting in a daze beside him. The phone suddenly rang but it wasn’t his. It was He Yuguang’s phone.

He swept his gaze over at it, and purely by accident, he saw the two words “Manman” appear on the screen of the phone.

He subconsciously picked up the phone.

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