Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 947 - I Have One Condition (2)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 947 - I Have One Condition (2)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 947: I Have One Condition (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He stared at the screen for a while before he took the call. He brought the phone to his ear, but before he could speak, the sound of her voice came through the phone. “What you said earlier… did you mean it?

When he regained his senses after leaving the hospital, he already decided to act as though he didn’t make that offer to Cheng Weiwan under those random circumstances. Now that she had called, he wanted to immediately deny it, hang up, and pretend it hadn’t happened. However, he didn’t listen to himself and the denial couldn’t come out no matter what. His fingers around the phone fell from his ears.

Perhaps Han Zhifan was silent for too long because Cheng Weiwan took it as an admission. Over the phone, she added, “If you meant what you said…”

She stopped mid-sentence, and held a silence for about two seconds before she continued, “…I’ll do it.”

She actually said she’ll do it… Han Zhifan couldn’t follow through with the thoughts he had deep down.

Cheng Weiwan didn’t hang up the call but stayed quiet for a while. When she spoke again, her voice sounded a lot more uncomfortable. “If I agree to your condition, would you let me see Hanhan tomorrow?”

“What I mean is…” Cheng Weiwan’s voice became quieter. “…Tonight, tonight, tonight…”

She couldn’t finish her sentence after repeating the word “tonight” three times. In the end, there was silence again.

Han Zhifan’s mind was still stuck on what she just said: “I’ll do it.” He lost track of her words and seeing as Cheng Weiwan stopped mid-sentence, he blurted out, “What about tonight?”

Cheng Weiwan thought Han Zhifan said that on purpose, so she bit her bottom lip and held her breath as she clutched the phone. Then she thought about Hanhan, shut her eyes, and endured the humiliation. “Tonight, with you-with you, I’ll…” she said.

In the end, Cheng Weiwan couldn’t bring herself to say the words. She paused then changed her approach. “…Tonight, should I meet you at a hotel or at your house?”

Han Zhifan suddenly realized what she meant.

She wanted to sleep with him tonight in order to see her son tomorrow… For her son, she really was willing to do anything!

He was clearly the one who made the condition, albeit when he was out of his mind, and she agreed to do it, but why did he feel even more uncomfortable? Without a second thought, he mockingly replied, “Have you ever seen a man who messes with women taking them home?”

Cheng Weiwan pursed her lips as her pale little face turned almost translucent.

Although they were talking over the phone and Han Zhifan couldn’t see Cheng Weiwan’s face, he could sense that she must be hurt.

She didn’t say anything after some time.

The silence aggravated Han Zhifan even more.

He thought about hanging up right away, but he felt a roaring flame in his chest that couldn’t be unleashed. He lowered the phone from his ear, but just as his fingers were about to touch the screen, he stopped. Then he put the phone to the side of his mouth and furiously exclaimed, “Jiayuan in half an hour!”

With that said, he hung up the phone.

Jiayuan… That’s the name of a hotel.

Cheng Weiwan was familiar with it because Han Zhifan told her about that hotel.

At the time, she and Han Zhifan had been together for a while, but he would never let her meet his friends.

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