Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 95
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 95
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 95: A Hundred “Sorry”s (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He could vaguely guess why Ji Yi was calling He Yuguang. He hesitated for a moment with He Yuguang’s phone in his hand. Then, he unlocked the phone and clicked to open the text.

“Yuguang Gege, are you free tonight? I have something I want to tell you. If you are, can you come to Luoyun Plaza tonight at eight?”

That night, he clearly heard the words “Yuguang” from her mouth. So it turned out Ji Yi mistook him for He Yuguang because she was drunk.

Since he left while she was still asleep, she probably thought the two of them did it that night.

It was the third day. She hadn’t visited the He family’s house since and the night before, he heard his mum say over dinner that Ji Yi moved into the school dorms since the college entrance exam was drawing close.

Now she must be sending He Yuguang a text about three nights ago, right?

He didn’t know what came over him that day, but he stared at the texts she sent He Yuguang for a long time. He raised his fingers, typed the word “Okay,” and sent it.

Soon enough, she sent He Yuguang a reply: “Then Yuguang Gege, I’ll see you tonight!”

He didn’t reply but completely deleted Ji Yi’s texts, then he put the phone back.

He and He Yuguang looked far too similar. So similar, in fact, that their parents couldn’t tell them apart. From a young age, He Jichen wore a single red string on his wrist so they could differentiate him from He Yuguang.

That afternoon, he struggled internally for four whole hours. Eventually, he slipped out when He Yuguang wasn’t paying attention, secretly grabbed a typical outfit of his, shoved it into his backpack and left the house.

He went to the barber’s with a picture of He Yuguang for the barber to give him the exact same hairstyle. Then he found a public restroom to change his clothes and removed the red string from his wrist. He stood on the sidewalk for a while to hail a taxi and headed for Luoyun plaza.

When he arrived, she wasn’t there yet. He casually found a telephone pole and leaned against it while waiting patiently.

His nicotine addiction came over him and he wanted to light up a cigarette, but he remembered He Yuguang didn’t smoke, so he forced himself to suppress his urges.

It wasn’t until ten past eight that he saw her turn up late as she got off the bus.

She scanned the area before she finally noticed him. From afar, she shot him a beaming smile and ran over to him at a light jog.

She stood in front of him without noticing that he wasn’t actually He Yuguang and softly cried, “Yuguang Gege.”

He didn’t make a sound.

Even if He Yuguang was really standing there, he’d be just as silent, so she didn’t notice anything amiss.

She was probably nervous as she kept her fingers clutching her sleeves the entire time. After a while, she looked up at him, and before she could speak, her face was all flushed.

After a few seconds, she must’ve found her words and finally said, “That night, was it you?”

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