Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 953 - I Have One Condition (8)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 953 - I Have One Condition (8)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 953: I Have One Condition (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Just as that thought entered Han Zhifan’s mind, his hand grabbed her wrist.

When he touched her soft skin, he came to his senses and realized what he had unknowingly done.

Why did I hold her back? I wanted to see if she was seriously hurt or not… but don’t I want her to be worse off? What does the seriousness of her injury have anything to do with me?

As Han Zhifan slowly let go of Cheng Weiwan’s wrist, he yelled at himself for being insane.

Just as his fingertips were about to depart from her skin, she turned her head because of his grasp on her and their eyes met.

Her gaze was dull and without any complex emotions, but it made him feel a little guilty.

He knew she couldn’t figure out what he was thinking inside, but he was shaken by her stare. It was a feeling he had never felt before, so he instinctively wanted to hide his panic. However, he couldn’t think of an excuse all of a sudden. The more panicked he was, the more impatient he felt deep down. When he caught a glimpse of the wound on her forehead, he suddenly blurted out, “When you come tomorrow, remember to take care of the wound on your forehead. Look at your ferociously dumb self! Don’t go around scaring my son!”

With that said, he released her wrist and walked into the bathroom without looking back.

When he shut the bathroom door, he saw her reflection not too far behind him from the clean mirror in front of him. After she heard what he said, she lowered her eyelids slightly and a seemingly hurt look flashed across her face.

All of a sudden, he slammed the door. In the next second, he locked the door, cutting her off from his line of sight.

From the other side of the door, he could hear the sound of her opening the front door and walking out.

Because he was in the ensuite bathroom, he couldn’t quite hear anything from the living room. However, he could still vaguely hear the sound of rustling.

Amongst the sounds heard, there was one particularly loud one. She must’ve tripped.

His body instinctively tensed up as he wanted to open the door. However, before he could act upon the impulse in his mind, he forcefully dismissed the idea.

After a while, the living room door opened then closed.

The entire hotel room fell silent.

Only then did he slowly stand up, walk over to the shower and turn it on.

While he took a shower, he saw some blood on his body.

He knew it was hers.

The rising hot steam blurred his vision, but he vaguely imagined Cheng Weiwan dragging her broken body and limping away. His heart suddenly felt a sharp, bone-piercing pain. The pain hurt so bad that he was about to go crazy. All of a sudden, he raised his hand and viciously punched the tiles in front of him.

As the intense pain rippled from the back of his hand to the bottom of his heart, blood dripped from the wall and crashed to the floor.

He wasn’t normally like this… After he drove her out of his world, he did just fine. He ate, drank, went out every day, had a great temper, and made big bucks. He never thought about her and he never went looking for her. To him, she was like a cloud of air… But when she reappeared in his world, why did he become like this… He was so unfamiliar with this side of himself that even he didn’t believe he was doing all the things he did.

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