Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 955 - I Have One Condition (10)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 955 - I Have One Condition (10)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 955: I Have One Condition (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Really!!” Cheng Han was afraid Cheng Weiwan didn’t believe him, so he nodded violently. All of a sudden, he looked like he had been seriously hard done by and pouted. “Mama, do you not want Hanhan anymore?” asked Cheng Han pitifully.

The child’s innocent words prodded Cheng Weiwan’s heart, making her feel a sharp pain. She forcefully held a relaxed look on her face then softly lied to Cheng Han. “How could I? How could Mama not want Hanhan?!”

“Then why did Mama not come to see Hanhan for so long?” Cheng Han couldn’t read her body language, so he naturally couldn’t tell that Cheng Weiwan was forced into a difficult position. He raised his little face and innocently continued to probe her with questions.

It was impossible for her to tell him that his dad didn’t want her to see him… Cheng Weiwan could only look up and smile. She made a random excuse and lied to Cheng Han. “Mama has been a little busy lately and a while back, I wasn’t feeling well. I even got sick! So I couldn’t come to see Hanhan until today.”

“Mama, are you feeling better now then?” asked Cheng Han while blinking. He reached his little soft hands out and imitated Cheng Weiwan’s movements from earlier by stroking her forehead.

Hanhan was perhaps the only person in the world who cared this much about her…

Cheng Weiwan was touched and upset. She forced a warm smile and shook her head at Cheng Han. “Mama’s fine now.”

Cheng Han immediately smiled with arched eyes and walked up to Cheng Weiwan like usual and kissed her cheek. As though he had a sudden thought, he asked, “Mama, did you miss me?”

Cheng Han didn’t wait for Cheng Weiwan to speak and continued by saying, “Mama, I really missed you. Mama, can you take me back home…”

Cheng Weiwan’s eyes reddened and tears came rushing up again. She hurriedly turned her head and looked out the window to push down the misery in her eyes. Then she turned her head and smiled at Cheng Han. “Mama really missed Hanhan too. Really, really missed you…”

She could only give Hanhan half a reply because she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to ever fulfill his wishes.

Since Cheng Weiwan was there, she would take care of Cheng Han, so the housekeeper and the wet nurse didn’t need to get involved.

On a typical day, Cheng Han would either cry about looking for his mother or remain silent. Today, with Cheng Weiwan around, Cheng Han was a lot more talkative.

Cheng Weiwan hadn’t seen Cheng Han for a long time. Even though she was exhausted and in pain from being tormented by Han Zhifan last night, she still forced herself to stay with Cheng Han and chat.

The housekeeper and wet nurse chimed in while Cheng Weiwan smiled and chatted with Cheng Han.

While the housekeeper and wet nurse talked, she even politely looked at them.

Sitting on the sofa beside them, Han Zhifan was the only one who didn’t glance at them and pretended not to hear Cheng Han when he spoke. He quietly stared at Cheng Han, helped him fix his hair and handed him toys.

For lunch, the housekeeper ordered servants from the house to deliver it once it was ready.

Cheng Weiwan personally fed Cheng Han. After lunch, Cheng Weiwan played with Cheng Han for a while then coaxed him to sleep.

That was when the housekeeper softly said to Cheng Weiwan, “Miss Cheng, have some food.”

Cheng Weiwan heard what the housekeeper said then turned her head and glanced at the dining table. When she caught a glimpse of Han Zhifan picking up his chopsticks to eat, she immediately turned her head without a second thought. “No thanks. I’ll eat later…”

Han Zhifan furrowed his brows and ignored the housekeeper and Cheng Weiwan’s conversation. He continued to pick up his bowl of soup and take a sip.

“I specifically asked the servants to cook lunch for you. What’s more, takeout isn’t as good. It’ll be a waste if you don’t eat it…” the housekeeper continued to persuade her.

In reality, Cheng Weiwan didn’t want to sit and eat at the same table as Han Zhifan. She shook her head again, but before she could decline, Han Zhifan suddenly slammed his chopsticks down on the table and angrily looked over at the housekeeper. “Am I the head of the house or are you? Did I allow you to cook her food? If you can’t finish it, throw it out!”

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