Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 959
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 959
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 959: I’m Not Insistent On Doing the Wrong Thing, I’m Just Waiting (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Han Zhifan abruptly stomped on the brake pedal, causing him to brake suddenly.

The car suddenly stopped and his body lunged forward. He steadied himself, raised his head and stared transfixed at the two of them not too far ahead.

Han Zhifan didn’t need to try too hard to recognize that man. It was the man who took Cheng Weiwan home a few days ago, and the man she called “Yinan Ge” who called her earlier.

Before the man reached Cheng Weiwan, he already had the umbrella ready to cover her body.

The sound of the rain was loud, so through his tightly shut car windows, Han Zhifan couldn’t hear their conversation. However, from the way the man looked, he could tell he was impatient.

Cheng Weiwan’s pale face looked a little weak. She didn’t reply to the man, but she gave the impatient man a weak smile.

Her smile instantly calmed him down. He took her hand in the next second and dragged her to the car. He opened the car door and allowed her to sit inside.

After the man shut the car door, he wasn’t in a hurry to get going, so he walked around the back of the car. Then he grabbed a few towels from the trunk and walked back to the door Cheng Weiwan went through. He pulled the car door open and shoved the towels in.

The man stood by the car door, bent over, and reached one hand into the car. He was probably helping Cheng Weiwan wipe the water from her body as his arm moved rigorously.

After a while, he stopped, carrying several soaked towels in his hands. He walked back to the trunk once again. He chucked the towels in then pulled open the driver’s side door. Closing his umbrella, he then entered the car.

The car quickly started up and slowly drove off.

The rain was still falling heavily. The car drove a short distance away before it completely blended in with the rain.

Han Zhifan stared at the taillights flashing red every now and then as the car drove off. Then he unconsciously stepped on the gas and turned the steering wheel to catch up to them.

The two cars drove one behind the other for quite some distance. Han Zhifan realized that they were driving in the direction of Cheng Weiwan’s home.

However, when the car in front was about to reach Cheng Weiwan’s neighborhood, it came to a stop.

Han Zhifan hit the brakes too.

Soon enough, the car door opened and Cheng Weiwan and the man got out of the car. The man held up the umbrella and took Cheng Weiwan into the supermarket by the road.

When the two figures disappeared into the supermarket, Han Zhifan turned his car off. He got out and walked into the supermarket too.

Although it was about to close, there were still quite a few people in the supermarket. Han Zhifan walked around the supermarket for a while before he saw Cheng Weiwan and the man.

The man was pushing the cart over to the fruit and vegetable area and was carefully picking apples.

Cheng Weiwan stood motionlessly to one side and softly shook her head or nodded when the man occasionally turned to ask her questions.

The two of them didn’t talk for long, but the image seemed particularly harmonious. Han Zhifan felt increasingly uncomfortable the more he watched them.

Cheng Weiwan and the man didn’t shop for too long. After picking up some vegetables and fruit, they picked up a case of yogurt from the dairy section and went to the counter to pay.

Han Zhifan didn’t get anything, but he wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Instead, he waited for them to pay before he walked out through the exit.

After Cheng Weiwan and the man finished paying, they walked out of the supermarket.

Han Zhifan followed them.

When they were about to reach the supermarket doors, the man spoke with a voice that sounded so courteous like he was a promising young man who received a higher education. “Wanwan?”

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