Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 964
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 964
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 964: I’m Not Insistent On Doing the Wrong Thing, I’m Just Waiting (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After she and Han Zhifan stopped contacting each other two years ago, Cheng Weiwan practically stopped sharing her thoughts with other people. Now that she was laying out her utmost honest thoughts for Lin Yinan to hear, she incidentally reopened her own wounds. After she finished speaking, she instantly fell silent.

Cheng Weiwan looked really calm and she didn’t show much emotion.

But Lin Yinan looked at her like this as though he had been struck in the heart with a knife. The pain pulsated.

He wanted her to be happy. The past two years, he had been thinking about how to make her truly happy, but he was never able to figure out how to do it. Now, he knew she was upset and he wanted to cheer her up, but there was no way he could. This meant that she never gave him the right to be able to cheer her up.

The room was quiet for a long time before Cheng Weiwan showed any reaction at all. She carried the plate of fruit and put it down onto the coffee table. She noticed the rain outside had slowed down and she said to Lin Yinan, “Yinan Ge, it’s getting late and you have to work tomorrow. You better head back early and get some rest.”

Lin Yinan nodded and replied, “You too. Get some rest soon.” Then he continued to sit on the sofa with his phone in hand for a moment before getting up.

Cheng Weiwan saw Lin Yinan out.

They walked to the front door, where Cheng Weiwan stood aside and waited for Lin Yinan to bend over and put his shoes on. Then she reached out to help him push the door open. “Goodbye, Yinan Ge.”

Lin Yinan replied warmly, “Goodbye.” However, he wasn’t in a hurry to leave as he turned his head and looked over at Cheng Weiwan.

Cheng Weiwan saw that he didn’t say anything and said in confusion, “What’s wrong Yinan Ge?”

“Wanwan…” Lin Yinan’s Adam apple bobbed up and down several times before he continued. “…If one day, you’ve really finished waiting for yourself to stop loving him, you must remember to tell me.”

Cheng Weiwan didn’t quite understand. The conversation finished so long ago that she couldn’t help but furrow her brows when Lin Yinan suddenly hurled those words out like that.

Although she didn’t ask why, Lin Yinan nonchalantly gave her an answer. “When that day comes, I’ll help you hold a farewell party to bid goodbye to that part of you who loved him!”

Cheng Weiwan heard what Lin Yinan said and couldn’t help but smile with her eyes. “Alright. When that day really comes, I’ll definitely tell you.”

Lin Yinan chuckled and casually said “I’m off!” as he turned around to leave.

Lin Yinan stepped into the elevator, not forgetting to smile warmly at Cheng Weiwan, who was standing at the door. He waved at her as if to tell her to hurry up and go inside to get some rest.

When the elevator doors shut and he was the only one around, the smile on Lin Yinan’s face froze little by little.

The hell was he really going to hold her a freaking farewell party. He just had to say something to wrap things up in a sticky situation.

He told her she had to tell him when she stopped loving the guy only so that one day, he could go after her honorably and openly.

He’d known her for a really long time, but back then, she was really young. He wanted to wait for her to get a little older.

But he never imagined that after he graduated from studying abroad for four years and came back in excitement, she was already pregnant; she had already been hurt by love and a man had left her with cuts and bruises…

Like the day before, Cheng Weiwan went to the hospital early the next morning.

In contrast to yesterday, Hanhan’s condition was a lot better today. His fever was gone.

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