Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 966 - Taking Medicine (1)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 966 - Taking Medicine (1)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 966: Taking Medicine (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Hanhan’s got a fever again. Call the doctor to come take a look…” urged Cheng Weiwan as she turned her head and looked over at the wet nurse. Then she hugged Hanhan and paced around, softly trying to cheer him up.

Hanhan must’ve been in a lot of pain because he cried breathlessly.

Cheng Weiwan felt his body temperature rising while carrying him.

The housekeeper, who left in a hurry, rushed quickly back with the doctor and nurse.

Cheng Weiwan put Cheng Han back to bed, and the doctor and nurse started to examine Cheng Han at the bed.

Soon after, the doctor glanced at the thermometer in his hands and turned to Cheng Weiwan, the housekeeper, and the wet nurse, who were standing to one side with anxious looks on their faces. “The young master’s fever is a little serious. There must be another reason why he’s repeatedly having fevers. We have to take his blood and do further tests.”

With that said, the doctor looked over at the nurse beside him. “Quickly go make preparations.”

“Yes,” swiftly answered the nurse as she walked out of the room.

In no time, the nurse came back pushing a little cart.

The doctor shot the nurse a look and she immediately walked over to the side of the bed and picked Cheng Han up.

She rolled Cheng Han’s pajama sleeves up, revealing his little arms.

The doctor cleansed the needle then injected the needle without hesitation and drew his blood.

The sharp pain made Cheng Han cry in even more anguish.

The doctor drew several tubes of blood before he stopped.

After he took out the needle, the doctor didn’t linger in the patient room. He grabbed the tubes of blood he just drew and walked into the lab.

The doctor suggested Cheng Han not to take medicine before his condition was known because he wanted to wait a while for the test results to come out. During this time, Cheng Han cried and pulled a tantrum.

Perhaps it was because their hearts as mother and son were one, but Cheng Weiwan’s heart ached when she heard Cheng Han crying. Her heart was incredibly rattled. If she wasn’t hugging Hanhan, she sat restlessly, paced around the room, and almost lost it.

As time went by, the stress in Cheng Weiwan’s heart grew. Just when she couldn’t help but carry Hanhan to go see the doctor and ask about his condition, a knock came on the door of the silent room.

The doctor returned with the test results in his hands.

The expression on his face was a little serious. Cheng Weiwan’s heart dropped and she instinctively tightened her embrace around Hanhan. “Doctor Lou, how is Hanhan?”

Doctor Luo didn’t answer Cheng Weiwan but looked over at the housekeeper beside him. “Give Mr. Han a call and ask him to come to the hospital now.”

That one sentence made Cheng Weiwan’s complexion instantly turn pale.

She vaguely guessed that Hanhan’s condition was worse than she imagined, so she didn’t dare ask.

After the housekeeper followed the doctor’s orders and gave Han Zhifan a call, she asked, “What’s wrong with the young master?”

“Preliminary test results show signs of the young master possibly having a blood disorder. The possibility of it being leukemia is rather high. As for what type it may be, we’ll need to perform further tests tomorrow to confirm it.”

Leukemia? How does Hanhan suddenly have leukemia?

Cheng Weiwan glanced down at Hanhan who had purple lips and fallen asleep from tiring himself out crying. She took two steps back and her legs went limp as she fell down on the bed.

The wet nurse must’ve also been frightened by the word “leukemia” as she was completely stunned. “How did he get this disease all of a sudden? Is it curable?” she stuttered.

“Right now, I don’t dare to make any promises. We must wait for all the test results to come through.”

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