Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 97
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 97
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 97: A Hundred “Sorry”s (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He realized that back then, he must’ve been crazy with rage to use such degrading words to hide his true feelings.

He knew she was full of joy in her belief that it was He Yuguang that night, yet he purposefully, viciously and mercilessly shattered her dreams and one-sided love.

Not only did he want to let her know that she’d gotten the wrong person, he also wanted her to know the person she slept with wasn’t the He Yuguang she thought so dearly of, but him, He Jichen! So, he spoke again. “If I hadn’t drunk so much that night, do you think I would’ve ever touched you?”

Her eyes were filled with astonishment as her fingers started to shiver while clutching his sleeve. He knew just how cutting his words were, but he wasn’t the least bit soft-hearted. He only thought about how she cried “Yuguang” and how hurt and embarrassed he felt. She hurt him, so he wanted her to hurt too. Like a child who wasn’t able to eat sweets, if he couldn’t have something, he wanted to ruin it. With more intensity, he said, “To tell the truth, I didn’t even know who I was touching that night.”

He tried his hardest to say all these hurtful things mercilessly. He put on a facade as though he didn’t even want anything to do with her and used money to humiliate her. “So, give me a figure. Just how much would it cost for us to settle this and pretend nothing happened?”

Just as he hoped, her face turned pale white, drained from blood. He thought she’d cry but she didn’t react at all. Instead, she stood there staring at him quietly for a while, then gently struggled out of his grip and left like he didn’t exist.

She hurt him so much, yet she could still stay this calm at his fury and leave him to go crazy?

He was devastated and upset. As he stared at her back, he added the harshest of words, “Oh and if it’s possible, I hope you never show your face in front of me ever again.”

She still didn’t reply. Instead, she sped up and headed out of the alley.

As he reflected back on that moment, He Jichen arrived at the He family’s courtyard.

He wasn’t in a hurry to get out, so he sat in the car and stared at the glowing lights of the villa. He replayed the image of her stumbling out of the alleyway in his mind.

That night, after she disappeared from his field of view, she also completely disappeared from his life.

In the following few years, he went to Beijing and saw her a few times, but he never showed up in front of her.

If Qian Ge hadn’t set her up and caused her to get into that car accident, he probably would’ve spent his life silently watching her from afar.

He was afraid that after struggling so much to wake up from her coma, she could get into another accident, so he wanted her somewhere in plain sight to protect and defend her well. That was why he moved to the city she lived in and applied to the school she studied at.

At that thought, a faint hint of worry clouded He Jichen’s eyes.

In his mind, he wanted to say to the woman he loved and spoiled for so many years, “Ji Yi… love, we lost so many years to be together, but I am more than willing to spend my remaining years with you.”

Even if… my time in university ends, and we are separated by an entire period of youth, I am willing to relive those years again with you as you walk through yours.

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