Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 974 - Taking Medicine (9)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 974 - Taking Medicine (9)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 974: Taking Medicine (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Han Zhifan couldn’t help but pinch the cigarette between his fingers even more tightly.

What’s with her? She’s taking medicine? Is she sick? He had seen her quite often in the past few days, but he couldn’t tell if she was sick.

Han Zhifan instinctively looked back and stared at the disheveled bed behind him then he started to gradually furrow his brows.

We just had sex, so… is she… taking emergency contraceptive pills?

If they hadn’t accidentally had Hanhan, he wouldn’t have really wanted to have children.

In the past when they had sex, he didn’t use contraceptives in hopes of exacting revenge by getting her pregnant and forcing her to get an abortion.

But the past few times, he didn’t plan on not using contraceptives. He must’ve forgotten to use contraceptives out of habit.

It was a good idea she remembered to take the pill after sex. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if she got pregnant…

It was strange to talk about it since he had become a stranger to her already. He wasn’t himself in the slightest. Many things that he wanted to happen to her had panned out, but he didn’t feel the slightest bit of joy or relaxation. Also, he felt an unspeakable dull and stifled sensation.

He let out a sigh of relief after she took the emergency contraceptive pill. However, he felt an unspeakable annoyance.

She was afraid that if she had another child, their relationship would be ambiguous. Was that why she took the emergency contraceptive pill?

Han Zhifan raised the cigarette to the corner of his lips then took a hard drag. As a beautiful cloud of smoke sprayed out of his nostrils, he watched her still standing outside the building for a while. She raised her feet then swayed as she walked towards the gates of the residential area.

She walked very slowly like she was going to fall to the ground.

Han Zhifan stared at the silhouette of her slowly disappearing then he suddenly stopped smoking and started daydreaming.

He didn’t return to his senses until her silhouette had disappeared from sight.

It was already deep in the night. He was the only one in the apartment and his surroundings were unusually silent.

He was so quiet that he could hear his own heart racing.

After who knew how long, he understood the message from his throbbing heart: When he watched her leave, he was actually worried about her; he was worried she would trip, worried she wouldn’t be able to go home safely in her condition and worried she would faint en route…

She was the biological daughter of the culprit who killed Lili! How could he worry about her… He should hate her and loathe her!

The more he thought about this, the more flustered Han Zhifan’s heart became. He didn’t know what he was afraid of, but his fingers trembled and the cigarette fell right by his feet.

He figured he couldn’t think like that any longer. To him, it was simply torture. He should find a few friends to party with and completely wipe everything about her from his mind.

With that thought, Han Zhifan raised his feet and stamped out the cigarette by his foot. After turning around and walking into the bathroom, he took a shower, got changed then called his usual bunch of friends he hung out with. After he looked for his car keys, he leisurely walked out of the apartment, went downstairs and drove towards the gates of the residential area.

By the time he made his fourth call, Han Zhifan happened to reach the gates.

He single-handedly turned the steering wheel, made a turn onto the empty road and stepped on the gas.

The call went through and the groggy sound of his friend’s voice came through. “Master Han, it’s the middle of the night. What’s up?”

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