Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 98
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 98
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 98: A Hundred “Sorry”s (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The next day, before the sun came out, He Jichen left Sucheng for Beijing. Before he left, he went into He Yuguang’s room to take some of He Yuguang’s belongings with him.

He Jichen didn’t reach his home in Beijing until six in the evening.

After a long drive, he was a little tired, so he took a shower and collapsed in bed.

Having fallen asleep not too long ago, his eyes were shut when his phone started to ring. He Jichen searched under his pillow in annoyance and grabbed his phone. He glanced at the incoming call display to see that it was Tang Huahua.

He picked up the call, but before He Jichen could say anything, Tang Huahua’s voice came out. “He Xuezhang, Xiao Yi is moving quickly. Last night, she decided to go on a blind date, and tonight, she is really going to do it. I just sent you the location of her blind date on WeChat…”

He Jichen instantly woke up and let out a “Mm” to Tang Huahua, then replied with “Got it” and hung up the phone.

He grabbed his phone and stared at the dark skies outside the window for a while, then pulled off the covers. He got out of bed and headed to change.

He Jichen drove out from the underground parking lot. Beijing started to actually drizzle with rain.

The rain fell heavier as he waited at the address of the cafe Tang Huahua sent him.

He Jichen still hadn’t reached the entrance of the cafe when he saw Ji Yi sitting by the window of the cafe, watching the torrential rain.

There was a man sitting in front of her. The two of them had probably finished their conversation since the man was calling the waiter for the bill.

The waiter quickly brought him the change. The man and Ji Yi chatted a bit more before getting up together and walking over to the front door.

The man headed for his own car while Ji Yi stood at the door of the cafe with her head lowered. She was probably trying to call for a ride.

Time ticked by, but no car showed up. He Jichen averted his eyes and hesitated for a moment before turning the steering wheel and stopping in front of the cafe.

With the passenger’s seat window rolled down, He Jichen honked.

Ji Yi, who was staring at her phone, suddenly looked up in shock.

With the bright light from the cafe, He Jichen could clearly see her eyes fall immediately to his wrist. Seeing that there was a red string, her gaze immediately turned tense.

She only looked down at the red string on my wrist to confirm who I was, right?

He Jichen lowered his eyes and pretended not to have noticed the tense expression on her face. Then he calmly asked, “Going back to school?”

As he said this, He Jichen glanced over at the car door in the back, “Let me take you.”

Ji Yi quietly stood on the spot for a while before she forced a smile at He Jichen. “Thank you, Mr. He, that’s okay. I’m waiting for someone here.”

He Jichen stared at Ji Yi for two seconds then gave a slight nod. Without saying a word, he stepped on the gas and left.

He Jichen turned around at the roundabout ahead and stopped his car at a cafe directly opposite from her.

Through the heavy rain, He Jichen could still see Ji Yi standing in front of the cafe doors.

After who knows how long, the rain gradually stopped. Ji Yi, who told him she was waiting for someone, stepped out onto the street and ran over to a nearby subway station.

So what she said was but an excuse.

She wasn’t waiting for anyone—she just didn’t want to get in his car.

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