Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 982 - Backing Down (7)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 982 - Backing Down (7)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 982: Backing Down (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Dr. Luo called Han Zhifan to the hospital without Cheng Weiwan’s knowledge.

When Han Zhifan arrived at the hospital, he didn’t stop by Cheng Han’s room to see him. Instead, he headed directly to Dr. Luo’s office.

They talked for almost two hours to confirm Cheng Han’s treatment plan before Han Zhifan got up and left Dr. Luo’s office.

Dr. Luo wanted to see Han Zhifan off. As they walked out of his office, Dr. Luo kept on emphasizing the high success rate of Cheng Han’s operation. He also promised he would definitely try his best to help Cheng Han recover as soon as possible.

Listening to this, Han Zhifan didn’t show too much emotion on his face. When he was about to reach the elevator, Han Zhifan said, “About Hanhan – thank you for taking good care of him.”

“Mr. Han, what do you mean? It’s my duty,” said Dr. Luo with a smile.

“Mhm.” Han Zhifan appeared absent-minded. After a while, he then said, “Please, you’re busy. You don’t have to see me out.”

Dr. Luo didn’t attempt to be overly polite to Han Zhifan and said, “Then Mr. Han, I’ll leave you to it. Please take care.”

Han Zhifan didn’t say anything but he gently nodded. After the elevator doors opened, he said “Goodbye” to Dr. Luo then walked in without waiting for Dr. Luo to say goodbye in return.

After Han Zhifan walked out of the A&E building, he smoked a cigarette then walked over to the in-patient building.

He took the elevator up to Cheng Han’s floor. After Han Zhifan stepped out, he stood outside the elevator for a while before walking in the direction of Cheng Han’s room.

Dr. Luo gave Cheng Han medicine the day before, so his fever was gone and he was returned to his previous room.

The wet nurse gave him a call yesterday. Something happened at her parent’s house, so she had to take a few days off.

It was almost dinner time, so the housekeeper should be on her way home to pick up dinner. Cheng Weiwan and Cheng Han should be the only two people in the hospital room.

Cheng Han had a needle at his wrist connecting him to an IV drip, which was over half full.

Perhaps the medicine had taken effect because Cheng Han was fast asleep on the hospital bed.

Cheng Weiwan sat by the bed, staring transfixed at Cheng Han.

She wasn’t facing him, so Han Zhifan couldn’t see the expression on her face. However, he could sense the warm and protective aura from her body as she stared at Cheng Han.

Every now and then, she reached out and affectionately touched Cheng Han’s face.

The sunset shone through the windows and made half the hospital room glow golden.

The picture looked comforting and easy on the eyes. Han Zhifan watched through the window of the door in a daze. For a long time, he didn’t even think about opening the door.

After an unknown amount of time, Cheng Weiwan raised her head and glanced at the IV drip. Then she turned around and pulled out a fruit knife from the drawer of the bedside table.

She had her back to Han Zhifan, so all he could see was that she had a fruit knife in her hand. He had no idea what she did after grabbing the fruit knife.

He suddenly remembered that she was taking antidepressants. He stared at the silhouette of her back for a while then seeing as she didn’t make any other movements, he was overcome by a terrible feeling. Without a second thought, he abruptly opened the door, rushed over to the side of the bed and grabbed her wrist.

He wanted to say “What are you doing?”, but before he could say those words, he saw a half-peeled apple in Cheng Weiwan’s other hand.

So she was peeling an apple… I was worried…

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