Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 988 - Hug (3)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 988 - Hug (3)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 988: Hug (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Cheng Weiwan’s feet came to a halt.

How could Cheng Han possibly know about matters between adults? Seeing that Cheng Weiwan had stopped walking, he started to rush her. “Mummy, hurry up. Mummy…”

Cheng Weiwan withdrew her gaze from Han Zhifan and started walking again. She followed Cheng Han into the dining room.

Han Zhifan already knew Cheng Weiwan had arrived when Cheng Han called “Mummy” earlier, but he didn’t turn to glance back at her. His gaze was still stuck to his phone, even when she took a seat at the dining table. He didn’t greet her, let alone show any signs of lifting his eyelids.

When Cheng Weiwan and Cheng Han reached the dining table, Han Zhifan had more or less finished breakfast.

The housekeeper had just served Cheng Han a bowl of congee when Han Zhifan put his chopsticks down. He picked up a tissue, wiped his mouth then looked over at Cheng Han.

He looked warm and gentle as he shared a few words with Cheng Han. He even picked up Cheng Han from the dining chair and hugged him for a while. He let him down then rubbed Cheng Han’s head and glanced at the housekeeper beside them.

He left a few instructions for the housekeeper regarding Cheng Han. Through everything, he pretended as though Cheng Weiwan didn’t exist. Then he picked up his phone and walked away from the dining table.

After they finished breakfast, Cheng Weiwan followed Cheng Han out of the dining room. She happened to bump right into Han Zhifan, who happened to change into a suit and had just come downstairs.

Han Zhifan bent over, stroked Cheng Han’s little face and treated Cheng Weiwan like air again. He brushed past her and walked to the entrance where he put on his shoes. He left the house, got in the car which was waiting at the door for him, and left.

Perhaps it was because Han Zhifan hadn’t turned up at the villa lately, but Cheng Weiwan had been a lot more relaxed recently.

Perhaps it was because she unexpectedly bumped into Han Zhifan at breakfast but after he left, Cheng Weiwan had a heavy heart and felt as though she had a lot on her mind.

She played with Cheng Han for a while but after Cheng Han fell asleep, she went back to the master bedroom to catch up on some lost sleep. However, when she laid in bed, she tossed and turned for a long time, unable to actually fall asleep.

In the end, she simply sat up, hugging her knees. She stared out at the bright sunshine and started to daze out.

Cheng Han woke up in the afternoon. Cheng Weiwan played with him for a long time in the game room. In the evening, she had dinner with Cheng Han then took him on a stroll around the neighborhood for a while. When they came back, she finally felt her mood improving after feeling rattled all day from seeing Han Zhifan in the morning.

She personally washed Cheng Han and told him a bedtime story. After she got Cheng Han to sleep, her relaxed mood made her lack of sleep catch up to her. She rushed back into the bedroom, where she took a hot shower then climbed into bed.

She shut her eyes and quickly slipped into sleep.

However, not long after she fell asleep, she heard the sound of the car downstairs. Thereafter, she heard the faint sound of the housekeeper’s voice.

Cheng Weiwan wasn’t sure if she was hallucinating or if she was dreaming. She didn’t really care and turned around to continue sleeping.

But this time, Cheng Weiwan still hadn’t completely fallen asleep when she heard the sound of familiar, heavy footsteps. Following this, she heard the sound of the door to the baby’s room next door being opened.

Cheng Weiwan completely lost her desire to sleep. She didn’t open her eyes but continued to listen carefully for a while. It wasn’t until the master bedroom door opened that she instinctively opened her eyes and looked over at the door. When she saw the silhouette of Han Zhifan, she knew everything that happened was real.

Han Zhifan sensed her gaze and his footsteps towards the room abruptly stopped.

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