Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 990 - Hug (5)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 990 - Hug (5)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 990: Hug (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Han Zhifan always liked to be outside, so he was rarely at home in the late afternoon. When the housekeeper saw him at home, she was stunned for a moment but she then ran to the entrance. She opened the shoe closet and helped him grab his slippers.

The villa was very quiet, unlike how noisy it normally was with the sound of a child playing when he usually came home. When Han Zhifan removed his shoes, he couldn’t help but ask, “Where’s the young master?”

“The young master is taking an afternoon nap. He hasn’t woken up yet.”

“Mhm,” Han Zhifan responded after hearing the housekeeper’s answer. Then he walked over to the stairs without saying another word.

The housekeeper stared at the silhouette of Han Zhifan’s back and contemplated for a while before she couldn’t help but cry, “Mr. Han…”

Han Zhifan’s footsteps came to a halt as he turned his head and slowly responded with an “Mhm?”

Having met Han Zhifan’s gaze, the housekeeper started to become even more hesitant, knowing that he didn’t like Cheng Weiwan.

Han Zhifan couldn’t help but furrow his brows after seeing that the housekeeper was hesitant to say something.

The housekeeper was afraid Han Zhifan would get angry, so she quickly said, “Mr. Han, Miss Cheng… She’s… been acting a little strange lately…”

As the housekeeper spoke, she lifted her eyelids carefully and checked Han Zhifan up and down.

After she was certain Han Zhifan was showing no signs of getting angry, she continued. “…There have been many times when she was preparing the young master’s milk and she’d forget to add water and just handed the young master the milk bottle. Also, when changing his diapers, she’ll change him into a new one again, right after already changing his diaper… Not only has she been in a daze, but she often daydreams. There were many times when she would suddenly stop talking mid-conversation with the young master. He would call her ‘mummy’ a few times, but she wouldn’t react.”

“…At first, I didn’t think there was a problem. But then I realized Miss Cheng would often hide in the bathroom and wash her hands in the sink for a long time. Once, she washed them for a whole hour until the skin of her fingers turned white!”

Han Zhifan didn’t interrupt the housekeeper, but when he finished listening to what she had to say, the corners of his lips pursed tightly.

“Miss Cheng often cooks for the young master. Yesterday, she actually almost touched hot oil bare-handed. If Xiao Yang hadn’t noticed and reminded her, her hand would’ve definitely burned!” The housekeeper paused for a moment then continued to say, “Also…”

Also… There’s an “Also”?!

The corners of Han Zhifan’s lips pursed fiercely.

“…Also, I’ve seen Miss Cheng secretly hiding and crying on her own a number of times.”


Han Zhifan’s hands couldn’t help but ball into fists.

“…Just before you got back, Miss Cheng was crying… I think something’s really wrong with Miss Cheng. I’m only telling you because I’m really worried…”

When Han Zhifan listened to this point, his eyelids shot up and he glanced at the housekeeper. “Where is she?” he asked, interrupting her.

“When I was going up and down the stairs, she was in the sunroom.”

Han Zhifan nodded gently and said “I got it,” then turned to head upstairs.

Han Zhifan walked over to the sunroom first but didn’t see Cheng Weiwan through the glass. Then he walked over to the baby’s room.

The only other person in the room aside from Cheng Han, who was lying in the crib, was the nanny.

Han Zhifan said nothing in response to the nanny’s soft greeting and walked into the bedroom.

Just as he opened the door, he heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom.

He sped up as he walked over to the bathroom door. With just one glance, he saw Cheng Weiwan with her head down, washing her hands.

Her hands were already very clean, but she still forcefully rubbed her hands.

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