Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 992 - Hug (7)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 992 - Hug (7)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 992: Hug (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As Cheng Han cried “mummy” in an adorable voice, Cheng Weiwan immediately straightened up, carried Cheng Han, and walked over to the bathroom.

The moment she turned around, Han Zhifan clearly saw her let out a long exhale.

Is it because with me here… she feels really stressed out?

In the bathroom, Cheng Han talked non-stop with Cheng Weiwan.

Han Zhifan listened for a while. When Cheng Weiwan took Cheng Han to wash their hands at the sink, he got up and left the baby’s room.

Han Zhifan walked out the door and stood in the hallway. He couldn’t help but keep his head down and scoff.

How strange. This is my home, so I can go wherever I want. Why do I want to avoid her because she let out a long exhale?

Although Han Zhifan wasn’t right in front of Cheng Weiwan, he could still silently observe her.

It was exactly as the housekeeper described.

When Cheng Han was around her, she would be fine. She seemed no different from the Cheng Weiwan he used to know.

As soon as Cheng Han wasn’t by her side, she became a little dazed, or she would hold onto something in her hand all day without noticing, or the housekeeper would be chatting away enthusiastically while she would be the only one secretly hiding away.

After dinner, Cheng Weiwan stayed with Cheng Han in the toy room as he played with his toys.

Han Zhifan was afraid Cheng Weiwan couldn’t take care of Cheng Han on her own with her current condition, so after he ordered the housekeeper to come up and stay with them, he went to the study.

He really was busy with some work. It wasn’t problematic, but there was a little loophole in the contract. By the time Han Zhifan finished editing the contract, it was ten in the evening.

When he came out of the study, the noisy hallway had become unusually quiet.

He knew Cheng Han was definitely asleep.

But when he brushed past the baby’s room, Han Zhifan still pushed open the door and took a peek inside.

It was the same as when he came back home in the afternoon; the nanny was there and Cheng Weiwan wasn’t.

Han Zhifan thought Cheng Weiwan was tired and headed back to the bedroom to get some rest. He didn’t think much of it, but he shut the door and went downstairs to get a drink.

After he finished his drink, Han Zhifan wasn’t in a hurry to go upstairs, so he walked outside the villa for a cigarette.

When he smoked half his cigarette, Han Zhifan thought about the Tegong Cigarettes someone gifted him over the game of golf that afternoon. They were still somewhere in the car. He bit his cigarette butt and walked over to the car in the middle of the courtyard.

Before he reached the car, he caught the quiet sound of sobbing.

Han Zhifan’s footsteps instinctively came to a stop.

It was very quiet in the courtyard; not a single other sound could be heard. Han Zhifan thought he misheard and was just about to continue walking away when he heard the sobbing again.

This time, he could tell where it was coming from.

He hesitated for a moment then strode over and walked towards the garden.

He deliberately slowed down his pace.

There were no lights on in the garden. The deeper into the garden he walked, the dimmer the light became.

Han Zhifan walked for about two meters. With the help of the pale streetlights outside the courtyard, he saw a figure crouched under an old tree.

Just by the clothes, Han Zhifan could tell it was Cheng Weiwan with one glance.

She was shivering like crazy. She was crouched on the ground with her head buried in her knees.

She was probably afraid of someone catching her crying, so she forcibly stopped herself from crying out loud.

Occasionally, she couldn’t help but let out a short gasp and sob.

Even though he couldn’t see her face, Han Zhifan could tell from her skinny frame that she was crying in devastation.

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