Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 996 - Hug (11)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 996 - Hug (11)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 996: Hug (11)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“I already f*cking said I don’t!” Han Zhifan got so angry that his whole body started sweating. With an angry look that he simply couldn’t hide, he roared at Lin Sheng as he raised his hand and swept things from the office desk onto the floor.

Lin Sheng turned a blind eye and deaf ear to everything in front of him and continued to roar at Han Zhifan with all his strength to finish what he was saying. “Not only are you afraid of yourself, but you’re also afraid other people can tell you like her, so you torture her at all costs! Don’t think I don’t know you felt guilty back then and had feelings for her!”

“Get out!” interrupted Han Zhifan furiously as he slammed the desk and pointed at the door.

Lin Sheng sat motionlessly on the sofa. “If you don’t feel guilty and you don’t have feelings for her, why were you not intimate with the women I introduced to you in front of everybody? I know you secretly didn’t lay a single finger on those women!”

“I told you to f*cking get out! Ya hear me? Get out!” Han Zhifan saw that Lin Sheng wasn’t walking away, so he shot up from his office chair and strode over to Lin Sheng.

“Not only do I know you didn’t touch those women, but I’ve seen your dull eyes lighting up when you bump into children looking at you on the streets!” Just as Lin Sheng said this, Han Zhifan jumped on him and grabbed his collar. Then he landed a hard punch on his face.

In pain, Lin Sheng suddenly stopped talking.

After about two seconds, Lin Sheng raised his hand and touched the side of his face which got hit. Then in frustration, Lin Sheng smirked. “You think about your own kid when you see other people’s kids, don’t you?”

Han Zhifan’s angry eyes turned red as he faced Lin Sheng’s question. He mercilessly raised his arm and repeatedly punched his face until he had no strength left in him and came to a stop. He heaved heavily and was as stubborn as an unmoving rock as he spoke. “I’ll say it one more time. I don’t. I have never liked her and I don’t care about the child she gave birth to. I only let the child stay by my side because I want her to experience a life worse than death!”

“She’s already living a life worse than death, isn’t she? Since you want her to live a life worse than death, why would you ask me to go all the way abroad to help bring a doctor back?” Lin Sheng hit the nail on the head with his question.

Han Zhifan felt speechlessly suffocated.

His pupils dilated and constricted non-stop. The harder he clutched Lin Sheng’s collar, the more stifled he felt. In the end, all he could do was push out a sentence. “Get out!”

With that said, he clutched Lin Sheng’s collar and dragged him from the sofa to the door.

Lin Sheng didn’t fight back, but he stared at Han Zhifan like a wild beast and scoffed.

“Did you think you could hide the truth by lying to yourself? Do you believe you’re forcing her to live a life worse than death? You’re wrong. You’re forcing yourself to live a life worse than death!”

“Do you think I’m speaking on her behalf? Let me tell you, Han Zhifan! I’m just thinking on your behalf! I’m worried about you – worried that you’ve actually taken a dark path! I’m worried that in the end, you won’t get revenge, but you’ll end up making yourself suffer!”

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