Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 997 - Hug (12)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 997 - Hug (12)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 997: Hug (12)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Lili’s not here anymore. I understand you’re hurting. I’m also hurting. I have no thoughts on how to defeat Cheng Weiguo, but this time, I’m not on your side because I’m afraid you’ll regret your decision for life!”

“Most importantly, I believe Lili definitely doesn’t want to see you turn into this because of her!”

In the face of what Lin Sheng Said, Han Zhifan didn’t say another word but he picked up the pace.

After he walked over to the door of his office and pulled it open without a care for whether Lin Sheng was done speaking or if the managers on the other side of the door were watching him. Then he chucked Lin Sheng out without so much as a glance and ruthlessly slammed the door shut.

Lin Sheng’s words lit a flame in his chest which burned with a particular fury.

He walked in circles around the office, but there were no signs of the flame being extinguished. He raised his leg and kicked over the floor lamp beside him. Then he flipped over the coffee table and smashed all the glasses on the countertop.

As the crashing sounds of glass rang out, Han Zhifan gradually calmed down.

After he stopped, the office no longer looked the same as it did; it was a complete mess everywhere.

He wasn’t bothered with it and walked over to the office desk like he was exhausted. He slumped into the office chair and lit up a cigarette.

As silence entered the office, his gaze was empty for a while through the cloud of smoke. Then he reached out, pulled open the drawer beside him, and pulled out a photo album.

It was filled with Lili’s photos.

The photos spanned from since she was little until the year of her death.

Han Zhifan flipped through it, page after page. With each photo, he remembered how Lili looked back then.

At three years old, Lili waddled behind him, crying “Big bro.”

At five years old, Lili reached her arms out to him when she was tired from walking, wanting to be carried.

At eight years old, he helped her fight the bullies at school.

At nine years old, he had a stomachache all night and she stayed up taking care of him. When he woke up, her eyes were red and swollen from crying. She grabbed his hand and said, “Big brother, don’t leave Lili behind. Lili gets scared.”

At thirteen years old, Lili cooked him a table full of dishes after he came back from school. Even though it tasted awful, he pretended it was delicious and finished the food. Lili was very happy that day. After he finished dinner, she mysteriously gave him a gift. Later, he learned Lili used the rest of her pocket money to buy it for him.

At fifteen, Lili looked very beautiful. At the time, he was going to a prestigious school and leaving her alone in Beijing. After their parents passed, they’d been taking care of each other and never parted ways. To her, he was the talented older brother who she proudly complimented. However, he caught her secretly crying a few times over having to part ways.

At sixteen, Lili got her ID. On his birthday, she didn’t even give him a heads up and took the train to his university just to surprise him.

At seventeen, Lili was the most beautiful girl in school. He knew there were many, many guys after her, but he told her not to get into a relationship when she was young. She obediently promised her older brother and said, “By the time big brother lets me date, I’ll be dating at an appropriate age.”

At eighteen years old, Lili called him late at night once, crying like crazy. Han Zhifan, who was abroad at the time, didn’t know what happened, but he believed her when she told him she was very stressed at school.

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