Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 998 - Hug (13)
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 998 - Hug (13)
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 998: Hug (13)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Before he came back to China, he told a lot of jokes to her over the phone. She laughed happily and he even said he was going to give her many, many gifts after he was back.

At the time, he was an international student who wasn’t coming back to China for half a year.

He hadn’t seen Lili for a really long time and he missed the only relative he had in this world. After he entered this prestigious college, he put down his belongings then rushed overnight to Beijing with the carefully picked gift he bought overseas for her.

He couldn’t find her at her place nor at the school. She didn’t pick up his calls.

Early the next morning, he went back to the school where her classmate told him she hadn’t come to school for three days now.

At the time, he knew the situation was big. The first thing he did was call Lin Sheng then he went to the police station to report her disappearance.

That was the most grueling moment of his life. He couldn’t eat or sit still. He followed up on it with Lin Sheng and the police station every minute.

In the end, he found out where Lili was. Lin Sheng wasn’t the one who told him nor the police station. Instead, it was a call from an unknown number.

After he took the call, he then found out it was the hospital.

The person who called him was a female nurse. Over the phone, she sounded a little fuzzy and all she asked was if he was a relative of Han Zhili and if he could make it to the hospital.

At the time, he was so scared. He thought Lili could’ve possibly gotten sick. On his way there, he wouldn’t stop comforting himself by saying that medicine was so advanced nowadays and he had money, so no matter what illness Lili caught, he would do his best to cure her.

But when he reached the hospital, the nurse who called him escorted him to the operating room of the maternity ward.

Lili was only eighteen years old and had only just become a legal adult. How could she possibly be in the maternity ward?

H e didn’t dare ask. In fact, he didn’t even dare go.

He was like a puppet as he followed the nurse into the operating room.

He finally saw Lili.

But his Lili wasn’t breathing.

The Lili who loved to smile, was pale white, lying on the operating table. Her eyes were shut and she was motionless.

H e thought she was sleeping, so he quietly called her name like when they were young. He thought she would quickly open her eyes, pout like she was wronged and cry. Then when she clearly saw his face, she would immediately stop crying. She would smile and say, “Big brother.”

He called for her repeatedly, but she didn’t respond.

The hospital tried to save her, but in the end, they weren’t successful. The cut in her abdomen had just been stitched, and they hadn’t had time to clean up the bloodstains.

He wasn’t willing to believe everything the doctor told him.

Lili was so good and smart. She would’ve told him immediately if anything happened. She couldn’t have possibly dated someone at such a young age and gotten pregnant.

At the time, if it wasn’t for Lin Sheng, he figured he might not have even been able to give Lili a proper burial.

He only accepted Lili’s death two months after it happened, when he stepped into Lili’s room.

Lili hid the gifts he got her in the cabinet of her changing room. Her pretty clothes were still neatly hung in the wardrobe. Her favorite knitted toy, her piano, and even her English books were on her desk… Frame by frame, things looked exactly the same as when she was still on this earth.

But he knew Lili would never come back.

That day, he hid in Lili’s room and cried like an idiot.

That was the first time he cried after Lili passed away.

He cried for a really, really long time. After he stopped, he started to tidy up Lili’s belongings. Then under Lili’s pillow, he discovered a diary.

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