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All My Beasts Are Legendary Novel Chapter 404 - Making Arrangements
Author :Da Yu Is Fat Again,大鱼又胖了

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Chapter 404: Making Arrangements

“You aren’t allowed to come here the next time!”

After fooling around, Lin Shiru replied as she stared at him in embarrassment.


Ye Xuan pulled a chair over and sat beside Lin Shiru, his hands still restless and fiddling about, “Let me tell you something.”

“This time, when I entered Ancient God Planet, besides killing An Gucheng, I also contracted a new beast and I have 10 over Challenger Level Beast Tamers from different clans under me.”

“Ten over Challenger Level Beast Tamers?”

Lin Shiru’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened in surprise.

Seeing her expression, Ye Xuan felt pleased momentarily. He began to explain and recount to her all that had happened at Ancient God Planet.

After hearing Ye Xuan’s explanation, Lin Shiru became more surprised and her heart grew increasingly restless…

Knowing that Ye Xuan was going to become the next leader of the Great Xia Alliance was not too big a problem.

She leaned into Ye Xuan’s embrace.

Her heart was at ease, and yet uneasy, all at the same time.

She kept feeling that Ye Xuan was just too outstanding.

Outstanding to the point that no one would be able to surpass him.

This constantly made her wonder if there would come a day that she might not be able to even meet Ye Xuan again.

“Xiao linlin, did anything happen in Cerulean Planet over the past few days, while I was away?”

Ye Xuan had not sensed Lin Shiru’s out of the ordinary expression. Seeing her rest in his arms, he breathed in her hair’s fragrance and asked.

“Not much. Just that over these few days, Old Teng has been arranging to meet with those from Black Scorpion Planet. Based on what I see, I think Black Scorpion Planet will be joining our big alliance soon.”

Lin Shiru replied gently.

“Is this so?”

Ye Xuan’s heart stirred slightly.

Old Teng referred to Teng Qinglin, who was one of the most well-respected elders in the Country of Xia.

At the same time, he was also one of the contestants competing to become the leader of the Great Xia Alliance.

With regards to Black Scorpion, it was, however, no less a planet than Harp Melody Planet in terms of stature.

There were only a few Challenger Level Beast Tamers on Harp Melody Planet.

Once Black Scorpion entered the Great Xia Alliance, its significance and contribution would be great.

It was comparable to Sacred Fire Race’s Legend Level Beast Tamer Xia Houji defeating An Gulun.

However, he was no longer afraid this time.

His only weakness was his cultivation level.

As long as he was able to advance to Challenger Level within the remaining span of time, then he would most likely be able to secure and win the position as the Leader of the Great Xia Alliance.

Other than that, he had let Lin Shoucheng hang An Gucheng’s body on display this time. Most people would have seen it and this would undoubtedly help to win some trust as he competed to become the leader of the Great Xia Alliance.

As he thought about this, he suddenly remembered what he had wanted to tell Lin Shiru and proceeded to tell her about what had happened on Ancient God Planet and how he had met Qin Yun.

“Harp Melody Planet’s Qin Yun? The daughter of Qin Wuhuang, Harp Melody Planet’s number 1 Challenger Level Beast Tamer?”

After hearing Ye Xuan’s explanation, Lin Shiru’s eyes brightened almost instantaneously.

However, soon after, she proceeded to glare at Ye Xuan and said, “You left her in Tree of World’s inner world after rescuing her? How could you do that?”

Ye Xuan gave an awkward laugh.

Leaning in, he whispered, “She’s a female, and I wouldn’t have much to say to any females except you.”

Lin Shiru’s heart fluttered upon hearing his words.

The feelings of xx that she had felt earlier quickly dissipated.

Turning around, her beautiful eyes looked at his side profile and she leaned into his arms.

“Thank you, Ye Xuan.”

With one of her hands clasping his, she continued, “But Qin Yun is different. Or maybe it’s more apt to say, Qin Wuhuang is different. Qin Wuhuang is not only a Challenger Peak Level Beast Tamer, but he is also extremely strong.”

“A few Challenger Level Beast Tamers aren’t his match. He is undoubtedly undefeatable in the whole of Harp Melody Plabry. Some even say that he is not far from advancing to Legend Level. He doesn’t need the sacrificial technique to level up and he’s also younger than Xia Houji.”

“You intend to use him to rally the whole Harp Melody Planet together and support the Country of Xia? It isn’t as simple as it sounds.”

“Can we rethink this?”

Ye Xuan shook his head. “I’m just trying my luck. It would be great if it succeeds, but it’s also alright if it doesn’t. It doesn’t affect me much.”

“That’s true.”

Lin Shiru froze momentarily. However, after thinking of Ye Xuan’s various backup plans, she finally began to loosen up.

It was true that Ye Xuan just needed a simple game plan.

Harp Melody Planet’s Qin Wuhuang was very strong.

However, as compared to Ye Xuan, he was still slightly weaker.

“So, what do you intend to do with Qin Yun?” Lin Shiru turned and asked Ye Xuan.

“I’ll find a Diamond Level space tunnel that leads to Harp Melody Planet and send her back directly.”

Ye Xuan grinned.

Harp Melody Planet was very strong.

But there was a limit to their strength.

Currently, Qin Yun was still relatively unaware that she had been brought to Cerulean Planet from Ancient God Planet.

Should she know about it…

And also learn about how he had taken in a large number of Challenger Level Beast Tamers and brought them back to Cerulean Planet.

She would definitely be in great shock.

And he never told Qin Wuhuang about this situation regarding his daughter. He did not think that Qin Wuhuang would be able to retain his composure.

“There’s still time, how about we make our way now? I haven’t been outside with you for some time anyway.”

Lin Shiru pulled Ye Xuan’s arm and said.


Ye Xuan agreed readily.

Instantly, he ensured Tree of World was in the air, at least a hundred miles away, before summoning it.

So that Tree of World could create a space tunnel directly from Lin Shiru’s office. Quietly, both Lin Shiru and Ye Xuan made their way out of Jiangzhou University.

After leaving Jiangzhou university, both of them did not let Tree of World utilise its Void Space technique.

Instead, Lin Shiru summoned Snowy Blade Eagle Feather and both of them stood on its back and hastily made their way towards a Diamond Level space tunnel that was within Jiangzhou territory.

At this point in time, Lin Shiru’s Divine Nature Ring had yet to transform.

However, it was still considered to be relatively fast.

Based on Lin Shiru’s estimation, this would take place in a few days time.

Once it transformed, it would directly become a Master Level 5 star Divine Nature Ring.

Even its grade and level would most likely be Master Peak Level.

“Ye Xuan, why don’t you summon Qin Yun out.”

While on their way, Lin Shiru suggested to Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuan nodded.

Following this, he summoned Qin Yun from Tree of World’s inner world.

“Ye Xuan? Lin Shiru?”

Qin Yun saw both Ye Xuan and Lin Shiru upon emerging from Tree of World’s inner world.

She had heard of Lin Shiru.

But had never met her before.

However, her facial expression changed soon after.

She could sense that this place was different.

It had been more than 3 days since she had entered Ancient God Planet.

Based on this assumption, she guessed that she could leave Ancient God Planet any time and return to Harp Melody Planet.

However, at this moment, she stood on this huge white bird’s back. And yet, no matter how much she tried to sense it, she could not sense Ancient God Planet’s aura.

It was as though she had lost connection with Ancient God Planet.

“We’re on Cerulean Planet.”

Lin Shiru looked her and replied gently, as though she had read Qin Yun’s mind.

“Cerulean Planet?”

Qin Yun stood there, mouth agape.

She could barely believe that she had been brought to Cerulean Planet from Ancient God Planet by Ye Xuan.

At the same time, she suddenly recalled the Challenger Level Beast Tamers in the Tree of World’s inner world.

She was not dumb.

Within a moment, she managed to guess Ye Xuan’s intention for doing all these.

Her facial expression was unreadable.

“Earlier, I mentioned that I would pass Moonlight Melodious Bull’s evolutionary recipe to you. It’s here.”

At this moment, Ye Xuan used his mind energy to create a message and transmit it to Qin Yun’s heart.

“It’s really the Moonlight Melodious Bull’s evolutionary recipe…”

Qin Yun was shocked after receiving Ye Xuan’s message.

She never thought that Ye Xuan would really give her such an item, without any conditions or strings attached.

Her green colour dress fluttered in the wind.

Her pretty face gleaming and dark black hair drifting in the wind. Her eyes glittered like gemstones.

A small and delicate imprint of an old piano sat at her eyebrow, enhancing her gentle, ladylike and youthful appeal.

She gave off a completely different aura from Lin Shiru.

“Thank you Ye Xuan.”

After he had received the message from Ye Xuan and had thanked him, her eyes flashed. It was difficult to guess what she was thinking.

“You’re welcome. The ties between Harp Melody Planet and the Country of Xia are strong. After a month’s time, I will be competing to become the leader of the Great Xia Alliance. Should I become the leader, I hope that the ties between Harp Melody Planet and the Great Xia Alliance, can be further strengthened.”

“Also, I think that you aren’t used to Cerulean Planet. Hence, I had intended to send you back to Harp Melody Planet and we’re already on our way.” ”

Ye Xuan replied calmly.

The leader of the Great Xia Alliance?

A look of surprise was evident on Qin Yun’s fair-skinned face.

She never thought that Ye Xuan had such an ambition.

However, given Ye Xuan’s strength, it was rather normal for him to have such an ambition.

However, in comparison, she found it more shocking that…

Ye Xuan had actually decided to send her back to Harp Melody Planet almost immediately.

And he had not made her stay in the Great Xia Alliance to blackmail her father.

Initially she had thought well of Ye Xuan. This made Ye Xuan seem even more gentlemanly in her eyes.

She looked at Ye Xuan, her eyes shining bright like stars.

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