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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1001
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Chapter 1001: Eliminating the Tiger King (One)

“I greet the great beast god,” a Class 7 Magical Beast knelt down first in human form as he cried out emotionally.

Jian Chen glanced passed the magical beast, and his nonchalant gaze suddenly froze. He recognized this magical beast. It was the ape king of the spirit apes he had met many years ago at the border of the Cross Mountains. The ape king had obtained a large quantity of heavenly resources and the very precious Hundred Grass Wine.

A few other Class 7 Magical Beasts that viewed the Winged Tiger God as their god did not hesitate either. Like the ape king, they all dropped to their knees and called out loudly, “We greet the beast god.”

The faces of the magical beasts with rather ugly expressions changed once more after they saw so many people kneel down. In the end, they could only kneel obediently as well, and they called out loudly like the others. However, their voices lacked emotion, and were extremely calm.

In the blink of an eye, all the magical beasts that had hurried over threateningly from the depths of Cross Mountains were on their knees. They only seemed to look at the Winged Tiger God and directly ignored Rum Guinness, Jian Chen, You Yue, and Hei Yu beside the white tiger.

Jian Chen suddenly looked into a distance. Immediately, a gleam of light flashed across his eyes when he spotted a white-robed, scholarly middle-aged man flying over unhurriedly. He seemed ordinary with no presence at all, just like Hei Yu. He had erased his presence as well.

However, Jian Chen’s presence was more powerful. Under his senses, he could see through the man’s strength completely despite the other party’s erased presence.

“Second Heavenly Layer of Saint King,” thought Jian Chen. However, he did not care too much, as experts at such a level could no longer threaten him thanks to his current strength.

The man directly arrived before all the Class 7 Magical Beasts and looked at the Winged Tiger God with mixed emotions. He did not kneel down like the others and bowed instead. He said calmly, “I greet the beast god.”

The man was much more composed than the other Class 7 Magical Beasts. After he bowed to the Winged Tiger God, he glanced to Jian Chen’s group. He could tell that Jian Chen and You Yue were humans, but he remained calm. He did not show any hostility.

Rum Guinness’s face also became mixed when she saw this man. After a slight hesitation, she bowed to the man and said, “Rum Guinness greets the peng king.”

A thought flashed through Jian Chen’s head when he heard how Rum Guinness referred to the man, “Peng king? The Gilligan clan has two kings. One of them is the tiger king, so does that mean the man before us is the second king of the clan?”

The peng king looked toward Rum Guinness and a warm smile immediately formed on his face, “Rum Guinness, welcome back. It has been difficult for you in the past years.” He knew all about the hidden truth when Rum Guinness and her husband were pursued by the tiger king, except he was unable to prevent it or stop it. After all, Kaiser of the Beast God Continent was the instigator behind the scenes. All he could do was watch the events unfold, as the two of them suffered from the tiger king.

“The peng king is too kind. I have stopped being a member of the clan long ago.” Rum Guinness’ voice was rather cold. Although the peng king did not take part in the hunt for her and her husband, she did not know where the peng king stood. As a result, she was extremely cautious of him and even possessed some hostility.

The peng king could naturally feel how Rum Guinness treated him. If an elder was so impolite to him before, he would definitely teach her a lesson. But it was different now. Rum Guinness was the mother of the Winged Tiger God, so her status was drastically different from before. Even as a king of the Gilligan clan, he needed to treat her politely and would fear offending her. This was why the peng king could only smile indifferently toward how Rum Guinness reacted, and he said nothing more.

Suddenly, a tremendous presence appeared. A burly, bare-chested middle-aged man flew over quickly in a threatening manner. His face was extremely dark while his eyes were cold as dense killing intent flickered inside.

Jian Chen’s gaze also began to sharpen, becoming like drawn swords. He stared closely in the direction of the presence and heavy killing intent appeared in his eyes as well. He made no effort to conceal it. Despite the distance, he could tell from first glance that it was the tiger king. This individual had come out of Cross Mountains all those years ago to hunt down Xiao Bai and had almost claimed his life.

In the blink of an eye, the tiger king arrived before everyone and stood beside the peng king. He maintained a fifty meter distance from Jian Chen’s group.

Hatred surged in Rum Guinness’ eyes as soon as she saw the tiger king. She gnashed her teeth and said, “Tiger king, you’ve probably never thought that I’d still be alive. Today, my son and I will personally kill you and tear you to shreds to take revenge for my husband.” Her voice was riddled with emotion.

The tiger king paid no attention to Rum Guinness and stared darkly at the white tiger. A gleam of light flickered through his eyes, and he thought, “The growth of the Winged Tiger God really is terrifying. I never thought that it could reach Class 7 in such a short amount of time after being born. If it gets some more time, reaching Class 8 would be no problem for it, but he’s no threat to me before he actually reaches Class 8.”

Afterwards, the tiger king glanced past Jian Chen’s group. He directly ignored You Yue, but when he saw Jian Chen and Hei Yu, his eyes narrowed by an undetectable amount. He could not see through their strength.

Jian Chen’s presence was covered up by the saint artifact, which was impossible to see through with the tiger king’s current abilities. As for Hei Yu, he was a Saint King at Great Perfection. He was even greater than Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings, so if he erased his presence, the tiger king could not see through it at all.

“Jian Chen was only at the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler the last time I saw him. No matter how outstanding his talent is, it’s impossible for him to reach a level where I can’t see through his strength in these short few years. The two of them are standing toward the back, so they clearly aren’t anyone important. Looks like they’ve hidden their presence using a special method, but they aren’t very strong. Hmph, they’re just faking it,” thought the tiger king. He immediately relaxed, before looking toward Rum Guinness and the white tiger once again. The light in his eyes flickered.

Jian Chen sneered, “Tiger king, you’ve probably never thought that we’d meet again so soon. Last time, you left the Cross Mountains to come find me on the Tian Yuan Continent, yet this time, I’ve come to find you in the depths of the Cross Mountains. You heavily wounded me last time, almost making me pass away. This is an irreconcilable matter. I will be taking my revenge today.”

The elders of the Gilligan clan all looked up at the tiger king after they heard these words. They were all surprised. The Gilligan clan had an agreement with the humans, which stated that any magical beast beyond Class 7 could not step outside the Cross Mountains. Otherwise, the human experts would mercilessly slaughter them.

Although the Gilligan clan was the greatest force within the Cross Mountains, their true strength was only equivalent to the ancient clans among humans. They were not the opponents of the entire human race at all. The only reason they had this territory was because the Beast God Continent was supporting them from behind, so the world beyond the boundaries of the Cross Mountains were a forbidden zone that the elders of the clan could not trespass. However, never did they think that the tiger king had crossed it and trespassed into the Tian Yuan Continent despite the consequences. They found this unbelievable.

The tiger king became enraged when he heard these words. If it were not for Jian Chen who put his life on the line to protect the Winged Tiger God, the white tiger would have ended up in his hands long ago. The supreme human experts would not have been alerted, and he would not have been forced to use a secret technique to flee, cannibalizing his cultivation, which dropped from the Second Heavenly Layer to the First. He had yet to recover even today.

“Hmph, you dare to say such with even with your limited abilities? Such impudence. You interfered with what I was doing last time. You’re lucky for being able to live a little longer, but since you’ve trespassed my Cross Mountains today, don’t think you can leave alive,” the tiger king said with gnashed teeth. He blamed Jian Chen for everything, so he felt an intense hatred for him.

“Tiger king, why don’t you try me if you’re so confident? I’d like to see how you prevent me from ever leaving the Cross Mountains again,” sneered Jian Chen. Killing intent bloomed in his eyes.

“You arrogant brat. I’ll deal with you after I deal with my family,” the tiger king said with a darkened face. Then, he looked toward Rum Guinness and said coldly, “Rum Guinness, you’re actually working with humans as an elder of the Gilligan clan. Your crimes cannot be forgiven, and you shall be put to death on the spot.” The tiger king suddenly appeared next to Rum Guinness as soon as he finished speaking. Surging energy condensed in his palm and he struck out.

This palm strike did not target Rum Guinness, but the Winged Tiger God beside her.

The peng king’s eyes narrowed, and he sighed gently inside. He did not plan on interfering. He did not dare to interfere, as the connected matters were just too important. It was no longer a battle between him and the tiger king. It would directly tie into the matters of the Beast God Continent if he interfered.

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