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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1004
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Chapter 1004: Gathering of Three Saint Emperors

“Tiger king, why don’t you keep running? Why aren’t you running anymore?” Jian Chen jeered at the tiger king as he flew over from afar.

The tiger king showed no fear even though he knew that it was almost impossible for him to avoid this disaster. He looked at Jian Chen with hatred, while his vicious gaze seemed like he had a blood feud with Jian Chen.

“If I knew that this would happen today, I should’ve killed you immediately when I met you the first time. How else would you have been able to survive today?” The tiger king gnashed his teeth. Regret flooded his heart.

A cold light flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes when he heard these words. He kicked the tiger king’s chest and blood sprayed from the latter’s mouth.

“It’s a pity that time can’t run backward. You are now my captive, and your life is in my hands. You have no right or power to kill me,” Jian Chen said coldly.

“Hmph, kill or torture if you want, but if you kill me, a great disaster will fall your way as well. The Beast God Continent definitely will not just standby with human experts trespassing and acting brazenly in the territory of my Beast God Continent,” the tiger king said coldly. He still did not know that Jian Chen now possessed the power to resist the experts of the Beast God Continent.

“Savior, can you let the two of us deal with the tiger king? The tiger king killed my husband and even wanted to harm us all those years ago. We have an irreconcilable hatred for him. I am a magical beast as well, so if I deal with the tiger king, even the Beast God Continent can’t say anything,” said Rum Guinness in consideration of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen nodded and said, “Alright then. I’ll leave the tiger king to you.” Although Jian Chen did not fear the Beast God Continent, Rum Guinness and the white tiger’s had an intenser hatred for the tiger king. It was more suitable for the two of them to take the tiger king’s life.

“Rum Guinness, you’re a traitor of the magical beasts, and you want to overthrow the hierarchy?” The tiger king glared at Rum Guinness as he called out feebly. He tried very hard to maintain a dignified appearance, but it was an utter failure with his currently dejected look.

“Tiger king, my child is the Winged Tiger God. Even the rulers of the Beast Continent needs to treat him politely when they meet him. Not only have you failed to respect the Winged Tiger God, but you even tried to harm him time after time. What do you think you’re trying to do? The one who’s trying to overthrow the hierarchy is you.” Rum Guinness said sharply, before she slowly arrived before the tiger king. Hatred surged in her eyes and she gnashed her teeth. She asked, “Tiger king, did you ever think you would end up like today when you harmed my husband and I?”

“Hmph,” snorted the tiger king. Then, he closed his eyes and stopped talking, acting as if he was waiting for his death. Jian Chen first heavily injured him, and then he used a secret technique to flee. These actions made him suffer a great backlash and had deepened his wounds. He could not even stand up right now, much less run away.

The tiger king did not beg for his life, because he knew it would be useless.

Rum Guinness looked at the tiger king hatefully as crystal-clear tears ran down her face. She mumbled, “Husband, you were killed mercilessly by your own brother back then. Today, I will be taking revenge for you. I hope you don’t blame me for killing your brother. He’s unworthy of being your brother.” Rumg Guinness slowly raised her hand. Immediately, a powerful energy surged out and she struck the tiger king’s head with lightning speed.

No one stopped Rum Guinness from killing the tiger king. The peng king floated in the distance calmly, though his eyes were filled with some mixed feelings. They were both kings of the Gilligan clan and had quite a few years of friendship. He found it a little hard to bear watching the tiger king die so helplessly before him.

The elders in the surroundings all stared with wide eyes. The light in quite a few people’s eyes constantly flickered as they hesitated. They wanted to save the tiger king, but no one dared to do anything in the end.


The tiger king’s head immediately exploded as Rum Guinness’ attack landed. Bloody white matter flew in all directions.

At the same time, a white ball of light emerged from the destroyed head and shot toward the distance with lightning speed. It was the soul of the tiger king.

Jian Chen sneered. With a thought, the space before him froze in an instant. It trapped and immobilized the tiger king’s soul.

“You should understand that any attempts to flee before me is futile, tiger king,” Jian Chen said coldly.

Roar! The white tiger roared at the sky from beside Jian Chen, before it turned into a white blur and entered Jian Chen’s frozen space. It bit the tiger king’s soul viciously, tearing it to shreds and making it disperse.

The tiger king’s soul slowly vanished in the surroundings, and a roar filled with regret seemed to ring out vaguely.

The depths of the Cross Mountains fell into silence. A Class 8 Magical Beast, equivalent to a human Saint King, had just disappeared from the world forever. Moreover, it was one of the kings of the Gilligan clan. This matter left all the elders dumbstruck.

The peng king stared at the tiger king’s dispersing soul blankly and sighed inside. This was how the tiger king, someone equal to him, had died and disappeared permanently.

Rum Guinness hung in the air as tears gushed down her cheeks like a fountain. Her buried desire for revenge was finally fulfilled after so many years.

“Husband, do you see this? Your cold-hearted brother has finally died in the hands of your wife and child. We’ve avenged you,” Rum Guinness murmured gently, as she looked at the sky.

At the same time, two burly middle-aged men stood with their hands behind their backs in an ancient mountain range far, far away from the Cross Mountains. They stood nonchalantly on the tallest, sword-shaped mountain, as they allowed the wind to blow wildly around them.

They stood unmoving like statues. If someone else were present, they would get an illusion from time to time that these two were a part of the world. They seemed inseparable from the surroundings.

At this moment, the space above a mountain two thousand meters from them began to twist violently. It quickly formed a Space Gate and an evil-looking, middle-aged man in white robes emerged.

The man floated in the air and looked toward the two people from afar. Only after a while did he speak slowly, “Kaiser, tiger emperor, I never thought it was the two of you.”

“Path lord of the carnal desires, how have you been?” Lankyros asked nonchalantly.

“Have the two of you forgotten the agreement between my Tian Yuan Continent and your Beast God Continent? You’ve trespassed the territory of the Tian Yuan Continent once again, so please leave immediately.” The path lord’s voice was extremely calm and possessed no emotions whatsoever.

Kaiser said, “Human Saint Emperor, we’ll get straight to the point. We have personally come from the Beast God Continent because we want to work with you for something.”

A light flickered through the path lord’s eyes when he heard this. He asked after a while of silence, “What is it?”

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