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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1012
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Chapter 1012: Hong Lian Injured

The Sacred Dragon’s Sword danced with his arms, as he wielded it. It immediately stabbed out toward the path lord of carnal desires with a terrifying presence, and the sword radiated brightly with golden light.


The sword collided violently with the surging energy from the path lord of carnal desires in mid-air and immediately produced a deafening sound. Terrifying residual energy swept out, which caused the mountains below to collapse one after the other. The entire Cross Mountains turned into a mess, where a large number of weaker magical beasts died due to the collision between Rui Jin and the path lord’s attacks.

Their clash also shattered the frozen space around Jian Chen. As soon as Jian Chen regained his mobility, he had to face the residual energy. The energy knocked him away like a kite with a broken string.

“Let’s fight in outer space, or the life on this continent will suffer,” the path lord said. With that, he shot into the sky and headed directly for outer space.

Rui Jin turned to Hong Lian and growled, “The human Saint Emperor’s attacks of seven emotions and six desires target the soul. They can affect a person’s mind unknowingly. You still haven’t fully refined that protective bead, so only I can keep him busy. You stay here and protect Jian Chen.”

Hong Lian nodded sternly. White flames radiated from her body and enveloped her completely.

Immediately, the terrifying heat spread into the surroundings and caused the temperature to skyrocket. It reached a terrifying level very quickly, as if even the air was burning.

Through the white flames, one could vaguely see that Hong Lian had already equipped the feathermail completely made out of plumage. It was a legacy treasure of her Divine Phoenix clan, the Ninerefined Godfire Feathermail. The strengthening of origin energy had increased the defense of the treasure. It could withstand attacks from Saint Emperors and not suffer any damage.

Hong Lian was only a Saint King at Great Perfection—it could be said that someone with this level of strength could not even flee before a Saint Emperor. However, she could contend with Saint Emperors as she possessed the offensive and defensive treasures of her clan.

“Origin energy. It’s actually origin energy again,” said Kaiser with his deep voice, as he stared at the Hong Lian wrapped in white flames in interest. The muscles on his face constantly twitched and twisted, perhaps due to the fact that he had to suppress the pain of his soul with everything he had. He seemed extremely vicious.

Kaiser looked at Hong Lian as the light in his eyes flickered. He growled, “Little phoenix, I won’t make it hard for you considering that you’re a magical beast as well. It’s best if you don’t interfere with my matters.” With that, Kaiser tried to travel around Hong Lian in the form of a flash, as he attempted to chase Jian Chen.

However, the white flames around Hong Lian suddenly began to churn violently just as Kaiser passed by her. It turned into a huge white phoenix in that instant, which swallowed Kaiser in roaring flames.

“Little phoenix, don’t blame me for not going easy on you since you have no idea what’s good for you. Tyrant Dragon’s Punch!” Kaiser called out angrily from within the white flames.

With a great boom, Kaiser destroyed the phoenix condensed from the white flames with a single punch. The phoenix immediately collapsed and turned into a cloud of fire in the sky. The terrifying temperature caused the space to twist.

Hong Lian floated sternly in the sky. Her crimson hair danced in the wild wind. Suddenly, she opened her arms and cried out, “White Cleansing Flames, return!”

A mysterious force seemed to lead away the white flames after Kaiser scattered them with his punch. The flames gathered toward Hong Lian from all directions.

“Blazing the void, a refinement of flames!” Hong Lian called out. She quickly compressed all the white flames in her surrounding into a fist-sized ball. Then, it exploded loudly and rapidly expanded in all directions. It formed a ball of flames ten kilometers across in the end.

White flames filled the entire ball. It was like a sea of flames, and it was so hot that it seemed to be able to scorch anything and everything.

Kaiser stood proudly in the sea of flames. A powerful layer of energy had condensed around him to protect himself from the flames. Although the white fire was terrifying, it clearly posed no threat to Kaiser as a Saint Emperor.

Hong Lian also appeared in the sea of flames. The crimson feathermail was eye-catching in the space of white flames.

“Little phoenix, you’re not my opponent. If you’re sensible, then back off quickly,” Kaiser said coldly as he eyed Hong Lian. The origin energy feathermail protected her, so he could not harm her at all. As a result, Kaiser did not want to bother with Hong Lian anymore.

“The refinement of flames may not be able to harm you, but it can exhaust your energy unceasingly,” Hong Lian said calmly. She slowly raised her hand as a flame-red hairpin appeared bit by bit. Immediately, a mysterious and powerful energy began to radiate from it.

“Origin energy again. God dammit, why do you people all have so many items with origin energy.” Kaiser’s expression changed slightly.

Swish! The hairpin in Hong Lian’s hand shot toward Kaiser as a flash.

Kaiser bellowed out, and his right hand became a powerful dragon’s claw in that moment. He swung it toward the hairpin.

Ding! With a metallic ring, Kaiser’s claw actually knocked the hairpin away, while he remained unscathed.

Kaiser’s eyes lit up. He thought, “This item with origin energy is far weaker than the Sacred Dragon’s Sword of the Dragon clan.”

Excitement sprouted within Kaiser. His fear of Hong Lian had already decreased significantly. He charged toward Hong Lian, as his right hand swept toward her in the form of a dragon’s claw.

Hong Lian could not dodge the attack at all with her strength as a Saint King at Great Perfection, so the claw struck her feathermail heavily.

The feathermail sustained no damage, but a powerful force traveled through its defense and entered Hong Lian’s body.

Spurt! Hong Lian paled, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out. The blow knocked her entire body backward.

“Hahahahaha, I never thought that your legacy treasure would be far weaker than the two others. I’d like to see how you fight against me now,” said Kaiser, as he laughed aloud.

Hong Lian became even sterner. She had just obtained the feathermail, and as time was too tight, she had failed to completely refine the defensive treasure before she hurried over. This prevented her from using the maximum power of the two treasures.

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