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Chapter 1013: Strength that Surpasses Saint Emperor (One)

Hong Lian gritted her teeth when she heard Kaiser’s arrogant words. Her eyes became filled with determination. Jian Chen was a stranger to her, but she needed to protect him no matter what. She needed to this in order to see her clansmen that had disappeared. She was even willing to accept an outcome of being heavily injured.

The Scorching Godfire Hairpin that Kaiser had knocked away returned to her hand under her control. Her hands constantly danced about before her; she formed complicated hand seals one after another in a blur. At the same time, she called out, “Flaming Comet!”

The hairpin immediately burst into roaring flames, and it rapidly expanded from its original size of a palm’s width. It became ten meters long in the blink of an eye, as the flames roared on its surface.

Whoosh! The huge hairpin transformed into a streak of red light, as it flew toward Kaiser with terrifying ripples of energy. Its speed was unbelievable.

“Little phoenix, you’re not my opponent. Do not take other people’s kindness for granted,” Kaiser called out. Suddenly, his right arm struck out again in the form of a dragon’s claw, and he knocked away the hairpin once more. Afterward, he no longer bothered with Hong Lian and went straight for Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had already disappeared from his field of vision and was now very far away from the Cross Mountains. He rapidly drew closer to Mercenary City, yet Kaiser could still precisely sense his location. He thought, “I can’t let Jian Chen reach Mercenary City no matter what, or it’ll be troublesome.”

“Your opponent is me. If you want to deal with Jian Chen, get through me first.” Hong Lian said coldly. She controlled the hairpin to attack Kaiser time and time again in order to obstruct him.

Although the hairpin possessed origin energy, Hong Lian had yet to refine it completely. As such, she could not use all of its power. This was why she could not pose too great of a threat to Kaiser and was only able to keep him busy and prevent him from reaching Jian Chen.

Intense fury surged inside Kaiser after Hong Lian blocked him time after time. He called out, “Since you have no idea what would be most beneficial for you, let me wipe out your soul first!” Tremendous energy coiled around Kaiser’s claw, and he directly knocked the hairpin away with a single strike. Afterward, he reappeared several thousand meters away in front of Hong Lian with a slight movement and viciously clawed toward her chest.

Screech! As his sharp claws scraped across feathermail, an ear-piercing sound rang out. Although his attack could not destroy the armor, Hong Lian could not resist the attack, as she had not fully refined the feathermail. A great force immediately passed through the feathermail’s defense and into Hong Lian.

Spurt! Hong Lian vomited another mouthful of blood and Kaiser dispersed the roaring flames around her.

Killing intent flooded Kaiser’s eyes, and he chased up to Hong Lian. He formed a fist with his claws and bellowed, “Tyrant Dragon’s Punch!”


Kaiser’s devastating fist landed on Hong Lian, which immediately caused her to vomit blood yet again. Her face paled, while her feathermail almost fell off her body.

“Tyrant Dragon’s Punch! Tyrant Dragon’s Punch! Tyrant Dragon’s Punch!”

Kaiser pursued Hong Lian, as he rained her with attacks. Eight punches landed on Hong Lian, and the power was so great that even the sky shook.

After Kaiser struck her with a rain of fierce attacks, Hong Lian’s became presence extremely weak. Her eyes were now closed, and she was now taking her last gasps of air. She seemed to be almost dead.

However, at this moment, a crimson flame shot out from within Hong Lian and enveloped her body completely as it blazed.

A clear phoenix’s cry rang out from within the flames as they constantly churned. The image of a divine phoenix with its head up, as it called at the sky appeared behind. It seemed extraordinary.

“This is the innate ability of the Divine Phoenix clan! Rebirth of Fire!” Kaiser became ugly when he saw this. The reason he was unwilling to deal with Hong Lian before was because of this innate ability present within the members of the Divine Phoenix clan. They could immediately return to their peak condition through a baptism of flames when they died, which made them extremely hard to kill and almost immortal.

The crimson flames dispersed very quickly and revealed the elegant Hong Lian. A tremendous presence radiated from her, and it was much more powerful than before.

All of Hong Lian’s injuries had been healed after she underwent rebirth. She had returned to her peak condition, and her strength had even increased.

The innate ability of the Divine Phoenixes could be used a total of nine times. The user would grow stronger after each use and after all nine times, their strength would have increased by several folds. However, the increase was only temporary, so it was impossible to stay like that permanently.

“You can’t kill me,” said Hong Lian calmly, as she nonchalantly looked at Kaiser.

A sharp light flickered in Kaiser’s eyes. He sneered, “If you were a Class 9 phoenix, even one that has just broken through to Class 9, I would not be your opponent with your innate ability. But it’s a pity that you’re only Class 8. You’re not my opponent even if you undergo the ninth rebirth.” With that, Kaiser charged toward Hong Lian. He struck out as hard as he could and heavily injured her once again and made her undergo a second rebirth.

“I’ll kill you every time you rebirth,” said Kaiser with gnashed teeth. He killed Hong Lian once more with his strength as a Saint Emperor.

Hong Lian’s gaze remained extremely calm throughout. Her strength would increase a little with every rebirth. Soon, she had entered the third rebirth.

Suddenly, an uncomfortable thought appeared in Kaiser when he noticed Hong Lian’s calm gaze. He thought, “It’s said that the rebirth of the Divine Phoenix clan can be used nine times. Will she be dead after those nine times or what…”

“I can’t mess with you any longer!” thought Kaiser, as a light flickered through his eyes. He made up his mind. He struck out a few times with full power to heavily injure Hong Lian, who had rebirthed three times. Then, he no longer stayed put. He fused with the surrounding space and turned into a blur as he traveled in the direction that Jian Chen had disappeared off to. He vanished in the blink of an eye.

Hong Lian was still undergoing the process of her fourth rebirth, so she could not obstruct him at all. She could no longer see Kaiser after she had completed the process.

Hong Lian’s expression changed slightly and without any hesitation, she turned into a red streak of light in pursuit.

Houston currently carried Jian Chen. Houston was a Saint King at Great Perfection, so his comprehension of the laws of space was far beyond Jian Chen’s. As a result, he moved extremely quickly and covered several tens of thousand kilometers with Jian Chen in that short amount of time. They grew nearer and nearer to Mercenary City.

“Jian Chen, you can’t escape,” Kaiser roared out angrily from behind. He was catching up with a speed several times faster than Houston.

“Crap!” Houston’s expression changed and darkness-attributed Saint Force poured out from his body. His speed immediately skyrocketed, as he traveled with a secret technique.

However, he was still slower than Kaiser. Kaiser caught up very soon, and he directly stabbed his claws at Jian Chen’s back.

However, a white streak of light shot over with unbelievable speed at this very moment. It shot past Jian Chen’s side and struck Kaiser’s claws with great precision.

“Argh!” Immediately, Kaiser shrieked out. His claws that were strong enough to repel the Sacred Dragon’s Sword was as weak as tofu before the streak of white light. It shot through his claws and bore a hole.

“Origin energy. It’s actually origin energy. This is strength that surpasses Saint Emperor.” Kaiser became absolutely terrified.

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