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Chapter 1024: The New Sect Master’s Strength

The four Imperial Protectors of the Longqi Kingdom faced Jian Chen’s group from a thousand meters away. Their expressions were all ugly. The people of the Bloodsword sect had already come, yet the Imperial Protector Luo Duo they relied on the most for this matter still had not arrived. This made them feel that the situation was extremely bad.

“Although four of the eight people are hiding their presences and we can’t sense their strength, they’re floating in the air without the use of the energy of the world. They must be all Saint Rulers. That’s eight Saint Rulers. The four of us aren’t their opponent,” the four Imperial Protectors calculated themselves. They could not act rashly as their opponents outnumbered them.

“People of the Bloodsword sect, this is an important part of the imperial palace. You are not welcome here, so please leave immediately,” an Imperial Protector said nonchalantly.

Jian Chen furrowed his brows toward the cold attitude of the Imperial Protector. He glanced past the four of them and did not say anything. He immediately enveloped the imperial palace with his presence and found the two old cronies. They were hiding with their presences and had concealed themselves very quickly.

Jian Chen clasped his fist toward the Imperial Protectors and said, “Sirs, I am in pursuit of enemies. The enemy is currently hiding in the imperial palace, so please make an exception for me.”

“Hmph, the enemies you speak of as members of the Bloodsword sect are probably people that others have placed a rich remuneration on. You all act too arrogantly. Our Longqi Kingdom may not be as great as you all, but we’re not something that can be trampled on. Don’t you dare kill anyone within the imperial palace,” said an Imperial Protector in an unyielding tone. They thought Jian Chen had come to kill some important figure within the palace.

Jian Chen’s face sank slightly when he heard this, and he said, “If the four of you insists on stopping us, I can only run the risk of offense.”

The four Imperial Protectors shivered inside. They knew that conflict was unavoidable, so they immediately began to radiate with tremendous presences. At the same time, Saint Weapons appeared in their hands, and they were now ready for battle.

Jian Chen’s lips curled into a sneer. Just as he was about to take action, four blood-red blurs flashed before him. The four protectors of the Bloodsword sect had arrived before Jian Chen at the same time and blocked the four Imperial Protectors of the Longqi Kingdom. A long, blood-red spike had already appeared in each of their hands, while a thick layer of Baleful Yin Force radiated from them.

A battle was about to occur.

“Hahahaha, I never thought that after holing up for a thousand years, the Bloodsword sect would still possess their previous spirit. Still so arrogant.” At this moment, laughter boomed in the sky. Afterward, the space nearby began to distort violently. Someone ripped the space open soon afterward and formed a Space Gate.

A middle-aged man who seemed to be roughly forty years of age emerged from inside. He possessed an ordinary appearance, except for the fact that his hair was already gray. He instantly arrived before the Imperial Protectors of the Longqi Kingdom and at the same time, a tremendous presence began to radiate from him. It almost caused the surrounding air to freeze.

The four Imperial Protectors immediately relaxed greatly when they saw the middle-aged man. They became excited, “Imperial Protector Luo Duo, you’ve finally come. If you have come one step later, the Bloodsword sect would have probably slain the four of us.”

Luo Duo’s face sank with that. Killing intent poured from his eyes without any restraint, as he looked at the four protectors and said coldly, “You people of the Bloodsword sect are getting more and more fearless, coming again and again to my Longqi Kingdom to create trouble. But it’s a pity that the current Longqi Kingdom is no longer the Longqi Kingdom of a thousand years ago. Since you’ve come today, don’t leave. Stay put forever,” Luo Duo spoke extremely arrogantly. He had anticipated long ago that the sect master of the Bloodsword sect, Houston, was reaching the end of his life. Even if he killed a few of the sect’s experts, Houston would not run such a huge risk to come and offend the Felicity Empire. If he did so, he would cause the destruction of the Bloodsword sect.

The four protectors all became stern. They could already tell from Luo Duo’s presence that he was a Saint King and not something they could deal with as Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers. It would be difficult for them to survive even with their Baleful Yin Force, as the disparity in strength was just too great after all.

Jian Chen, who stood beside the four protectors, began to laugh from anger after he heard the arrogant words of Luo Duo. He growled, “To speak so arrogantly, do you think that there’s no one present who is stronger than you? Before you speak, why don’t you worry about yourself first? Let’s see if you have the capacity to speak like that.”

Luo Duo immediately focused his glare onto Jian Chen, before he quickly scanned past Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian behind Jian Chen. He could not tell their strength, but he felt no fear, as he had the support of the Felicity Empire.

“Brat, who are you? Name yourself,” Luo Duo growled at Jian Chen.

“How dare you! He is the new sect master of the Bloodsword sect. You cannot be so impolite,” a protector of the Bloodsword sect called out before Jian Chen could respond.

A sliver of surprise immediately flashed across Luo Duo’s eyes when he learned that Jian Chen was actually the sect master. He could not help but observe him closely. He smiled gently and said, “I never thought that you’d be the new sect master of the Bloodsword sect. It has really surprised me. May I ask if senior Houston is well?”

“Who do you think senior Houston is? Do you think he’s someone who you can ask about? However, since you said that you wanted to keep the people of the Bloodsword sect here forever, let’s see the great skills that you possess and see if you have that capacity or not,” Jian Chen said emotionlessly. Then, he passed the four protectors and arrived at the very front. He stared closely at Luo Duo.

Luo Duo’s lips curled into a sneer. A strand of killing intent flickered in the depths of his eyes, and he said with his deep voice, “Alright. Since the new sect master wants to see, I’ll follow your wishes,” as he said that, Luo Duo grabbed at the thin air. Invisible World Force immediately began to gather in Luo Duo’s hand, which he struck toward Jian Chen.

Luo Duo did not hold back with the palm strike. As soon as he struck out, it surged forth with an overwhelming might. The terrifying ripples of energy caused the surroundings to tremble violently.

Jian Chen remained perfectly composed. He had no need to use his sword against a mere Second Heavenly Layer Saint King like Luo Duo. Chaotic Force surged from his chaotic neidan and instantly condensed around his right hand. Then, he struck out directly.

Jian Chen’s attack was simple, but the force hidden within could not be underestimated. As the punch traveled through the air, the space became littered with tiny cracks.

Boom! Jian Chen’s fist loudly collided head-on with Luo Duo’s invisible palm strike condensed from World Force. Powerful ripples of residual energy splayed out and shook up the surroundings, which caused the space within a radius of a thousand meters to twist wildly. It became a blur.

“How is this possible? He actually broke through my palm so easily.” Luo Duo was internally shocked. The strength of the new sect master had greatly exceeded his expectations.

“Luo Duo, it’s time that I make you pay for your arrogance earlier,” Jian Chen said coldly. He took a step in the empty air and immediately arrived before Luo Duo. He threw another similar punch toward Luo Duo’s chest.

Luo Duo suddenly became grim. After witnessing Jian Chen’s strength, he no longer dared to be so arrogant as before. An extremely powerful Saint Force surged wildly from within him and condensed into a huge flame-red sword of palm width in his right hand. Afterward, he stabbed toward Jian Chen’s fist with lightning speed.

Jian Chen’s lips curled up into a sneer. His fist did not change in its trajectory and he directly struck the tip of Luo Duo’s huge sword. He actually wanted to use his body to resist the attack of a Saint Weapon from a Second Heavenly Layer Saint King.

“He’s a madman. This sect master must be a madman. Does he really think that he can use his fist to defeat my Saint Weapon? Hmph, if he’s so confident, I’ll cripple his right arm,” Luo Duo sneered inside, and he put some more force into the strike.

Bang! Jian Chen’s fist collided with Luo Duo’s sword and produced a muffled sound. A terrifying force knocked the fist and sword apart, before splaying out in all directions. It shook up the four Imperial Protectors and the four protectors of the Bloodsword sect who watched in the surroundings were helplessly knocked backward.

Luo Duo’s fist had not pierced Jian Chen’s fist as the former had imagined. Instead, it was unscathed, with no damage at all. Luo Duo’s full-powered attack had actually failed to even pierce Jian Chen’s skin.

Not only did Jian Chen’s third layer of the Chaotic Body elevate his strength to the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King, but it also elevated his defense to such a level as well. Currently, he could take attacks from Third Heavenly Layer Saint Kings and come out unscathed. Only those beyond that posed a threat to him. Luo Duo could not even harm Jian Chen with his strength of the Second Heavenly Layer unless he used a Saint Tier Battle Skill.

“How is this possible? Just how is this possible? How is your fist so hard?” Luo Duo stared at Jian Chen’s unscathed hand, as he was dumbstruck. Disbelief flooded his face.

Jian Chen said nothing and charged up again. He threw another similar punch at Luo Duo as dark Chaotic Force flickered gently on its surface. An aura filled with destruction flooded the space, which shocked all those present.

The punch this time was much more powerful than the two before.

A gleam of light flickered through Hong Lian’s eyes, as she watched from afar. She said with a deep voice, “Just what is this power Jian Chen is using? Why have I never even heard or seen about it? There are no records regarding it in my inherited memories either.”

Rui Jin and Hei Yu shook their heads at the same time. Rui Jin stared at Jian Chen unblinkingly and said, “I don’t know either, but I can feel that the power he uses is very strong. It feels like it is not completely mature yet with a lot of space for improvement.”

Luo Duo’s face changed abruptly, as he faced up against Jian Chen’s punch. He immediately lifted his sword horizontally to block.

Clang! Jian Chen’s heavy fist stuck the Saint Weapon and created an earth-shaking sound. The terrifying energy immediately caused Luo Duo’s sword to deform slightly, while a great force was transmitted through it. It shook Luo Duo’s right arm until it numbed. Then, that hand became powerless. The huge sword struck his chest heavily from the great collision and shattered several of his ribs.

Luo Duo spurted a mouthful of blood, as he was immediately knocked backward. He became pale, no heavily injured, but a pure-white piece of jade had already appeared in his hand as he flew backwards. He crushed it without any hesitation.

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